Re-Grading the 2019 NFL Draft

They say hindsight is 20/20, and that is very true for the NFL Draft. Everyone has a guess on how a player will turn out, but nobody actually knows until they hit the field. Today, we are going to take a look back at the 2019 draft and re-grade each pick from the first round:

  1. Arizona Cardinals: QB Kyler Murray

Grade: A-

Taking Kyler here was a risky move for the Cardinals, but it paid off and he is panning out far better than Josh Rosen ever would have. He is an above-average quarterback, and the only hindrance on him is the current drama surrounding him and the team. I expect that issue to get resolved soon, and the Oklahoma product will be able to continue performing like one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

Did Kyler Murray almost get traded to the Colts in 2022?

  1. San Francisco 49ers: DE Nick Bosa

Grade: A+

Bosa, despite already suffering an ACL tear, has easily established himself as one of, if not the best player in this entire draft. He made the Pro-Bowl in both of his healthy seasons, and he has 24.5 sacks already in his career. There’s not much more you can ask from him, and he is quickly becoming one of the best edge-rushers and players in the entire NFL.

49ers injury update: Nick Bosa returns to practice

  1. New York Jets: IDL Quinnen Williams

Grade: B+

Williams was possibly the most exciting prospect coming out of college in the 2019 draft, but he’s been just alright so far. He hasn’t been bad per say, in fact, he is widely considered an above-average defensive tackle. He just hasn’t lived up to all the hype there was for him coming out of Alabama, but luckily for him, there is still plenty of time for him to improve and achieve more in his career.

IDP Profile: Quinnen Williams - The League Winners Fantasy Football

  1. Las Vegas Raiders: DE Clelin Ferrell

Grade: F

Not only is Clelin Ferrell a bust, he is one of the worst draft picks in recent history. He averages less than three sacks per season, and has found himself struggling to make the roster the last couple of seasons. The team has already worked him out of their long-term plans, and there isn’t much hope for him to evolve into anything more than a role player at this point in his career.

Raiders former 4th overall pick DE Clelin Ferrell in 'second tier' rush  group | Raiders Wire

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: LB Devin White

Grade: A-

Devin White was a highly-regarded prospect coming out of college, and he has met or exceeded all expectations. He has become the staple of one of the league’s best defenses, and he was an integral part of the Bucs winning the Super Bowl. While his game isn’t without flaws, he is one of the best players in this draft and will continue to improve and get better.

NFL news: Bucs get good news on Devin White's quad injury

  1. New York Giants: QB Daniel Jones

Grade: D

Teams have a tendency to reach for quarterbacks in the draft, but this pick should be a prime example of why that’s not always a good idea. The Giants got desperate for a quarterback, and they opted to try to fix that issue by grabbing Daniel Jones rather than taking a player that is a cleaner and more guaranteed prospect. Jones is a bottom-tier starting quarterback in the NFL, and it doesn’t look like he has much of a ceiling to grow into. 

NY Giants Daniel Jones future audition is murkier than ever

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: OLB Josh Allen

Grade: B+

This move surprised me from the Jaguars. They are a very dysfunctional franchise, and I expected them to reach on someone flashy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The team made a very grown-up decision to build up the defense and grab a proven prospect in Josh Allen. A player like that won’t change your organization on day one, but patience pays off with a player like this. 

Jaguars defensive end/outside linebacker Josh Allen earns AFC Defensive  Player of the Week - Big Cat Country

  1. Detroit Lions: TE T.J. Hockenson

Grade: C+

While Hockenson is a quality starter in the NFL, he has yet to become the game-changer that the Lions thought they were getting in 2019. The Iowa product has struggled with some injuries, and has 12 career TD’s through three seasons. He is a solid option on the offense, but it remains to be seen whether or not he will be able to hit the ceiling he had coming out of college.

Detroit Lions: T.J. Hockenson's production set to explode in 2021

  1. Buffalo Bills: DT Ed Oliver

Grade: C+

If the Bills could go back and redo this pick, I’m pretty confident that they wouldn’t pick Oliver again. He hasn’t been bad by any means, but I think the team was hoping for a lot more when they drafted the Houston product in the top ten. He is still very young and has a high ceiling, so this grade could definitely change in the coming years as he continues to progress and improve.

Bills DT Ed Oliver arrested for DWI, possession of firearm

  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers: LB Devin Bush

Grade: C

Bush just hasn’t been the answer for the Steelers at the linebacker position. The 23-year old can sometimes be solid in run support and pursuit drills, but he lacks severely in consistency, pass rushing, and coverage. He has a nice athletic profile, but if he is going to make anything of his career, it likely won’t happen in the Steel City.

PFF Analyst: Steelers Trade for LB Devin Bush Was 'Impossible to Win' |  Steelers Now

  1.  Cincinnati Bengals: T Jonah Williams

Grade: B

This pick goes under the radar when people look back on this draft class, but Williams has quietly been very good. He only allowed eight sacks this season, and he was one of the lone bright spots on an otherwise dismal Bengals offensive line. He has enough versatility to play guard or tackle, and he should be a nice young asset for Cincinnati for years to come.

Way too early projection of Bengals starting offensive line in 2022 - Page 2

  1.  Green Bay Packers: OLB Rashan Gary

Grade: B

Gary is a great example of what can happen for a young player if the team is patient and gives them time to develop. He was very underwhelming his rookie and sophomore year, and people were quick to call him a bust. This last season, however, proved to everyone that he can be and is a good player in the NFL. He is a valuable piece of their defense, and this pick only worked because of the team’s patience.

Cory's Corner: Rashan Gary Is Ready

  1.  Miami Dolphins: DT Christian Wilkins

Grade: B-

Wilkins is turning out to be a solid pick for Miami, and they have given him adequate time to develop. He is good as a run-stuffer, but he needs to become a better pass rusher to hit that ceiling the Dolphins were hoping to get at the draft. He will never be a bad NFL player, but some may regard him as a disappointment relative to the hype he had coming out of college.

NFL draft 2019: What you might have missed from first round - Sports  Illustrated

  1.  Atlanta Falcons: G Chris Lindstrom

Grade: B+

Chris Lindstrom doesn’t get talked about very much outside of Falcons fan’s group chats, but he is quietly developing into a high-tier young lineman in the NFL. He has gotten better every year he has played, and he was one of few starting lineman who didn’t give up a sack at all in 2021. He should continue to improve with time, and the team should be excited for the young guard’s development.

Chris Lindstrom undergoes surgery on his left foot

  1.  Washington Commanders: QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.

Grade: N/A

For those who aren’t aware, Haskins tragically passed away on April 9th, 2022 after being hit by a vehicle while working out in Florida. I feel that evaluating his play on the field would be in poor taste following such a tragedy, so his grade will remain incomplete.

Steelers' Dwayne Haskins dies after being hit by dump truck in South Florida

  1.  Carolina Panthers: DE Brian Burns

Grade: B+

Burns seems to be improving every year he plays, getting a Pro-Bowl nod in his third season in 2021. He has struggled with consistency at times, but overall he has been the best young defender on Carolina’s roster. The Florida State standout is quietly one of the best young defenders in the NFL, and the team should be very pleased with how he is turning out.

Panthers DE Brian Burns back to a limited practice on Thursday

  1.  New York Giants: DT Dexter Lawrence II

Grade: B+

The Giants took what they needed in this draft, and it really paid off for them. Lawrence is developing to be a very good interior lineman, and the team would be very weak at the position without him. He continues to improve, and he has a high ceiling that is a bright spot for a sub-par Giants team. 

DL Dexter Lawrence: The Good, the Great and the Ugly - Sports Illustrated  New York Giants News, Analysis and More

  1.  Minnesota Vikings: C Garrett Bradbury

Grade: D+

The Vikings have found themselves as playoff contenders for the past few seasons, but this pick may have held them back from getting over the hump and making a deep playoff push. It was a questionable pick at the time, and that has been amplified by the fact that Bradbury has just been bad during his time in Minnesota. He doesn’t seem to have a very high ceiling, and his days on the Vikings may be limited.

Benching of Garrett Bradbury calls attention to Vikings' first-round  misfires – Twin Cities

  1.  Tennessee Titans: DT Jeffery Simmons

Grade: A

The Titans got great value on this pick, being able to pick up Simmons this late because of a torn ACL he sustained in his last year at Mississippi State. He has been one of the best players on their defense, and this last year, he took the leap to becoming one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. This pick was arguably one of the best value picks in the draft, and Simmons will be a staple of the Titans’ defense for years to come.

Tennessee Titans' Jeffery Simmons projected to have breakout season

  1.  Denver Broncos: TE Noah Fant

Grade: C+

Fant has been up and down throughout his career so far, but he is generally a solid contributor when he is on the field. He has great athleticism, and his speed helps make him a mismatch for opposing linebackers. He hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations set for him coming out of college, but he has been decent and will look to reach his full potential in Seattle.

Noah Fant to Broncos: First-round NFL draft pick arrives in Denver

  1.  Green Bay Packers: S Darnell Savage Jr.

Grade: B+

This pick worked out great for Green Bay, considering that Savage has become one of the most versatile safeties in the NFL in only three years. He is one of the most productive players on their defense, and with the way that he is playing, he will get a sizable contract or extension in the coming years.

Injury report update: Darnell Savage returns to practice - Acme Packing  Company

  1.  Philadelphia Eagles: T Andre Dillard

Grade: C-

If given the opportunity, the Eagles would certainly redo this pick. Dillard isn’t terrible, but he is very inconsistent and hasn’t shown the talent that the team hoped they were getting in the draft. He will likely be a decent starter in the league for the foreseeable future, but his potential isn’t what the Eagles were hoping for when spending a first-round pick on him. 

Eagles Draft Central: Analyzing the Andre Dillard Selection

  1.  Houston Texans: Tytus Howard

Grade: C-

Howard is a very intriguing player to me. In his rookie and sophomore year, he looked very underwhelming and seemed like he was going to lose relevance quickly. However, when he had to play some left tackle in 2021, he was outstanding and looked like the first-rounder that the Texans had hoped for. While he hasn’t been productive throughout his career so far, he has certainly shown that he is capable of being a solid starter if utilized properly.

Will Texans pick up fifth year option for Tytus Howard?

  1.  Los Vegas Raiders: RB Josh Jacobs

Grade: B

Jacobs was an outstanding prospect coming out of Alabama, but most first-round running backs are expected to be elite talents in the NFL. While Jacobs has yet to hit that mark, he has found a good amount of success. In his three seasons, he has rushed for over 1,000 yards twice and was chosen for the Pro-Bowl in his second season. Some may say he hasn’t lived up to the hype, but there’s no denying that he is an above-average running back.

Josh Jacobs injury news: Raiders RB returns to full practice for Week 9 -  DraftKings Nation

  1.  Baltimore Ravens: WR Marquise Brown

Grade: B-

Brown has been solid in his tenure with the Ravens, but he hasn’t bloomed into the receiver they hoped he would. He still has great speed and is a downfield threat, but he doesn’t really have another good attribute to compliment that. He is helpful to the offense, but he hasn’t reached his potential and will remain a question mark.

Ravens: Marquise Brown drops 3 TDs in nightmare first half

  1.  Washington Commanders: DE Montez Sweat

Grade: A-

Sweat was a bit of a project coming out of college, but it’s paying off well for the Commanders. He is averaging 7 sacks per season in his career, and he seems to be getting better by the year. He is a constant disruptor with a high ceiling, and he should be a key part in Washington’s defense for years to come.

NFL star Montez Sweat's brother killed in shooting

  1.  Oakland Raiders: S Jonathan Abram

Grade: D+

The team reached on Jonathan Abram in the 2019 draft, and his career is not playing out as they’d hoped. He is constantly battling with injuries, and he has never had the chance to develop into the player that he can be. He has shown some flashes at times, but it seems unlikely that he will ever hit his ceiling because of his injury issues.

Raiders SS Johnathan Abram will miss the rest of the season

  1.  Los Angeles Chargers: DL Jerry Tillery

Grade: D

Tillery was a popular pick at the time, but that hype has aged poorly ever since. He hasn’t found his footing with the Chargers, and he has yet to hit double-digit total career sacks. The Notre Dame product was highly touted coming out of college, but it seems safe to call him a bust and it’s unlikely he will ever hit his ceiling.

It's gotta be the socks? How Chargers' Jerry Tillery sets apart - Los  Angeles Chargers Blog- ESPN

  1.  Seattle Seahawks: DE L.J. Collier

Grade: C-

In another tough defensive line pick, the Seahawks opted to draft Collier here instead of a safer prospect. He hasn’t panned out with the Seahawks, and it seems like his days in Seattle might be limited. He is a contributor on the defense, so he can’t be considered a full-fledged bust.

Why Seahawks DE L.J. Collier a healthy scratch against Colts in Week 1 -  Field Gulls

  1.  New York Giants: CB Deandre Baker

Grade: C

Baker actually showed some real promise on the field when he started out his career, but unfortunately, it was interrupted by a legal issue that caused him to get cut from the Giants. He has since signed with the Chiefs, but he hasn’t seen the field very much in Kansas City. His potential is high, so it is certainly possible that he still develops into a great player.

Giants select Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker at No. 30

  1.  Atlanta Falcons: T Kaleb McGary

Grade: D+

The team hit on an offensive line pick earlier in this draft, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t the same case here at the back end of the first round. McGary has been a consistent starter for the team, but he has also been arguably their worst lineman and he is a constant issue for them. They will likely look to replace him in this year’s draft, and any hope of him hitting his ceiling is quickly diminishing.

Falcons first-rounder will undergo heart procedure; timetable to return is  unknown

  1.  New England Patriots: WR N’Keal Harry

Grade: F

As a Patriots fan, this one hurts. Me and Patriots fans everywhere had such high hopes for the 6 ‘4, 225 lb beast out of Arizona State, but unfortunately, he turned out worse than anybody expected. He is a consistent liability on the offense, and it seems unlikely that he will be on the roster for the start of next season. A change of scenery may help him slightly, but it won’t catapult him into stardom like some had initially hoped for him. 

Report: Patriots WR N'Keal Harry's agent asks team for trade


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