Trey Lance MVP? Justin Fields benched? Mac Jones leads New England to promise land? 

It’s no doubt that the 2021 NFL Draft provided us with loads of talent – especially at the quarterback position. From generational talents to questionable potential, let’s go over their rookie season’s and take a guess at how these guys will perform next year.

#1. Trevor Lawrence

Column: Trevor Lawrence's growth off the field with Jaguars has been  impressive - Big Cat Country

You’ve got to feel for Lawrence. With a not so great o-line, Urban Meyer as a head coach, and overall just playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars has got to be tough. That being said T-Law did what he could with what he had. Although throwing only 12 touchdowns to 17 interceptions is not a good look, let’s not forget Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions in his rookie year. It feels like Lawrence is bound to progress next year. I think Doug Pederson will be great for him, despite the criticism he gets. No doubt Jacksonville is far from being playoff contenders. Get Lawrence a true number one receiver, some solid offensive line additions (lots in free agency this year), and we could see the Jaguars being a competent team. Trevor Lawrence has a bright future with potential through the roof. It would be revolutionary if the Jags are able to mess this up. Bust Meter: 4/10

#2. Zach Wilson

How the New York Jets Can Make Zach Wilson Successful - Sports Illustrated  New York Jets News, Analysis and More

Zach Wilson was very up and down. Just like Lawrence, we saw more interceptions than touchdowns with a 9/11 TD/INT ratio. I get the feeling Saleh loves him, and for a rookie quarterback that’s tremendous. New York has got to get him a solidified receiver – I love Elijah Moore as much as the next guy but he’s not that guy just yet. I don’t care how bad of a season he had in Chicago, Allen Robinson would be a great bailout, safe, reliable guy for Wilson to lean on. I feel like the Jets are miles away from being playoff contenders considering how many holes the team has. But building around Wilson, catering to his strengths is a must. I’m curious to see how Saleh can fair – being a defensive minded guy – on how he builds a team around Wilson. I hope to see Zach Wilson prosper, however, I do feel like he has the highest chance to be a letdown in this class. He’s gonna need a different flavor to truly unleash his potential. He has all the talent in the world, I just don’t think he’s in a place to succeed. Bust Meter: 7/10

#3. Trey Lance

Preseason Week 1 Takeaways: Mixed Bag from Trey Lance Makes 49ers' Choice  Easier | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

The rawest talent in the class, Trey Lance, might be in the best position to succeed. Lance sat, pretty much his entire rookie year behind Jimmy Garoppolo, and was able to get a taste of playoff football. With only a small sample size of games we saw from Lance, we saw some great things. His big arm is gonna be fun for Kyle Shannahan to use for Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk – something we did not see with Garoppolo. And of course his ability to extend plays, move out of the pocket, and fight for the extra yards. His accuracy and spiral are questionable at times – however, I believe an off-season of first-team reps will help that development. Lance can easily be the best quarterback from this class – but can just as easily be the biggest bust in this class. His potential is through the roof and I can predict a phenomenal year from Lance. He’s got the reigns to the offense now. The more he’s on the field the more he’s gonna grow and get better. MVP? Not quite yet. Future for San Francisco? I believe so. Bust Meter: 5/10

#4. Justin Fields

When will Justin Fields start for Bears? Chicago's 2021 debut plan for  rookie QB tied to playoff hopes | Sporting News Canada

Justin Fields came into the league with a chip on his shoulder, falling out of the top 10 and getting picked at 11 by the Chicago Bears. It also felt like Fields was criticized the most – from getting called out because of his epilepsy, to his throwing motion being bashed. He has that dog in him, he’ll fight for every inch on the field. No doubt Fields can move, but Chicago has got to beef up that offensive line if they want him to shine. I love the Fields to Mooney connection – for the future. A common theme for these rookie quarterbacks is for them to have a reliable guy to throw to when the play breaks down. That’s who Allen Robinson should have been however, he was just done with Chicago. I’m not sure if I love Matt Eberflus being Fields head coach – as he was a defensive coordinator. I hope he proves me wrong and Fields flourishes, but I think it may be another head coach hire until we truly see his full potential. Bust Meter: 6/10

#5. Mac Jones

Brian Daboll: Patriots QB Mac Jones has 'a bright future' ahead of him -  Pats Pulpit

Mac Jones is exactly what I expected him to be, and honestly, that’s not a bad thing. He landed in maybe the best scenario for him. Coming in to be the long-term replacement for Tom Brady is some big shoes to fill. He won’t lead New England to 6 rings obviously. But being that strong, confident pocket passer Bill Belichick is in love with. The Mac at 3 talk was ridiculous. He’s a talented kid, but not that super high ceiling, generational, oh my god, jaw-dropping, insane play guy. He’s gonna make the throws you need him to make. Easily the safest quarterback and being in New England I can expect him to constantly make the playoffs. What he did was no shocker, 22/13 TD/INT ratio, we all knew he was NFL ready. The Patriots must get Jones a solidified wide receiver (as all these quarterbacks need). I’m not calling him bad or anything, he can very well disprove everything I say and prove me wrong. In my eyes he’s just nothing special, he’ll get the job done. However, he’ll never be that top 5 guy with all due respect. Mac Jones is the perfect quarterback for the New England Patriots, the team loves him and he loves the team. He couldn’t be in a better position. Bust Meter: 2/10


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