Week 11 Predictions & Breakdowns For Every Game


Last week: We bounced back slightly last week, finishing with a winning record at 8-6. I have high hopes this week of getting back to our 12 win ways.

Locks: One atrocious part of our picks last week were our locks, as we went 2-3. In my defense, I thought Kyler would play. However, the Ravens and Bucs should be ashamed.

Upsets: I’m counting my Lions pick as a win, meaning I went 3-2 on upsets. Taking Seattle was dumb, and the Saints should’ve won in my pinion. The Eagles and Vikings didn’t disappoint.

Season: We are 88-62 this year, just one game above Mason. I’ve seen better records and I’ve also seen worse, it’s been a crazy season.


Last week: I went 8-6 last week. It was a decent week. Another crazy week. Lions and Steelers tied. I know that no one saw that coming. Ravens lost to the Dolphins. Rams took a big L against the 49ers. With possibly the most shocking was Tampa losing to Washington. And of course Cam Newton’s Panthers owning the Cardinals. Hope for another great week of football but also with correct predictions.

Locks: 2-1 is the lock record this week. Another decent week on locks this week. Shooting for 3-0 next week. We move to 22-8 on the year. 

Upsets: 1-1 but I expected the Raiders to lose just because I picked them. It is all good but could be better. Let’s have a great week this week. Record is now 12-19. Ehhhh. Not the best. 

Season: On the season I am now 87-63. I think we are either still one game behind Couch or we have broke even. Regardless we have really brought it back. We started the first 3 weeks off with a great start and big lead but then we lost it and now we cut it back down. Absolutely love to see that. Hope to push by Couch this week.

Kurt Warner: Mac Jones doing 'more' for Patriots than 2001 Tom Brady

New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons (+7.0)

Couch: Patriots win 27-13 *LOCK*

The game was played already, here’s my thoughts. Right after I posted my game picks I wished that I put the score of this game as 28-3, and if I did, it would’ve been pretty damn close. New England dominated and showed that they’re a very good team. i would not want to play this Pats team in the playoffs, not with the way their defense and run game is going right now. Atlanta is just about done this year, losing 68-3 in their last two games against two playoff teams shows that their 4-4 start was worth nothing.

Mason: Patriots win 28-17

New England looked electric last week and like one of the best teams in the AFC. I genuinely believe they could compete for the AFC East with the Bills. It may be unreasonable but they have looked amazing lately and Mac Jones has really shaped into the QB the Patriots and Bill wanted. It has impressed me and I am super excited to continue to watch Mac grow as a player. Anyway this Patriots team could be a dark horse contender. Watch out for them because they have been very quiet lately. New England wins big this week.

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills (-7.0)

Couch: Bills win 30-23

I’m on the fence with this game, I can definitely see the Colts winning in this AFC playoff rematch. The Bills have the better defense, ranked #1 in the league. I think they’ll be able to slow down Jonathan Taylor better than most teams have, putting the game in Carson Wentz’s hands to win. Buffalo survives to hold on to 1st place in the AFC East.

Mason: Bills win 26-23

The Bills have been a bit inconsistent but is till believe they are one of the best teams in the AFC and their scores show it. This will be a playoff rematch from last year and it’ll be a good one. Indianapolis has really developed into a much better team than they were last year. This will be a very good game but at the end of the day the Bills have possibly one of the best QB and WR duo in the league and I don’t think the Colts defense would be able to hold them. Bills win in a tight one.

When will Justin Fields start for Bears? Chicago's 2021 debut plan for  rookie QB tied to playoff hopes | Sporting News

Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears (+5.0)

Couch: Bears win 24-20 *UPSET*

I’ve liked Chicago’s chances all week here, and now Marquise Brown is out and Lamar is out with an illness. The Bears are coming off a bye, playing at home and have to win this game. Justin Fields had his best game as a pro in Week 9 vs Pittsburgh, and I think he’ll carry that momentum into this game, helping Chicago stay alive in the playoff race.

Mason: Ravens win 27-16

Baltimore did not look good last week and I think that’s something to be nervous about. For me they were a top 2 team in the AFC but I am not sure if I really believe that anymore. It was just an embarrassing game for them. Everyone believed they would steam roll Miami but it didn’t happen. Regardless of the fact they lost I still think they are a good team and it was probably just a bad week like every team has. I see the Ravens going out there and still getting the W against Chicago.

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns (-12.5)

Couch: Browns win 34-3 *LOCK*

Tim Boyle is starting this game for the winless Lions. Cleveland is coming off their worst loss of the season and I see them taking it all out on Detroit.

Mason: Browns win 32-16 *LOCK*

Detroit finally did something other than lose and it fills me with joy that of all teams it was to Pittsburgh. But even with the tie now I don’t think they will end up beating Cleveland. They are coming off of a very ugly game against New England but I think it’ll be a major bounce back week for them and get a big win over the Lions.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (-10.0)

Couch: Titans win 32-14 *LOCK*

It would be surprising to say the least if Houston ends this Tennessee winning streak.

Mason: Titans win 28-13 *LOCK*

Texans aren’t good. Titans win. I see AJ Brown having a huge day going for over 100 yards with a touchdown as well. 

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (+1.0)

Couch: Packers win 27-23

I learned this week that the Vikings have held a 7 point lead in every game this season, which is an insane stat. This is one of the tougher games to predict, evident by the fact an 8-2 team is only favored by 1 point against a 4-5 team. Green Bay’s defense is much better than last years, and that’s important when it comes to playing the Vikings. Dalvin Cook shredded them a year ago, but that won’t happen today. A.J. Dillon puts up top 5 back numbers in his first NFL start.

Mason: Packers win 34-31

Our defense is really shaping up and they have kept us in so many games. I mean I know Russ is just coming off an injury but we shut out that usually high powered offense. It was the first team Wilson has been shut out in his career and I think that’s something to be excited about regardless. The defense is playing like this while missing Jaire and Z Smith. On the other side of the football I don’t think our offense has played their best yet and this week we will be without Aaron Jones. This will be a good test because Minnesota is a much better team than their record shows. Regardless I see Green Bay coming gout on top in a nail biter. 

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (+3.5)

Couch: Dolphins win 31-10

Miami’s defense impressed me against Baltimore, and if they keep running that, they’ll be a tough team to beat. This Jets defense is playing god awful, and they’re also starting Joe Flacco. Dolphins win their 3rd straight.

Mason: Dolphins win 23-17 

Although this is divisional rival the Jets are staring Joe Flacco and that might not be too good. I would be nervous if I was a Jets fan. Then again there probably is not many Jets fans out there. I think the Dolphins come out on top but it could go either way.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)

Couch: Saints win 27-24 *UPSET*

Philly isn’t good at home, and I’m surprised their favored. Mark Ingram is starting in place of Alvin Kamara, this Saints team is really banged up. What’s intact is their run defense, which they will need to stop an Eagles team rushing for over 200 yards a game the last three weeks. I gotta go Saints here to get back on track, if they lose, their playoff chances will be dwindling.

Mason: Eagles win 26-19

Philadelphia has looked like a much better team now that they got a run game going. They could possibly come back and make a run for a NFC Wildcard spot. They have looked a lot more complete ever since taking a lot of the weight off of Jalen Hurts and being able to run the ball but with Miles Sanders back they’ll probably go back to running the ball 2 times a game. On the other side of the field with New Orleans they will be without Alvin Kamara again and this team is not the same without him. Mark Ingram stepped in pretty well last week but I don’t see him being able to replicate that again to this week. 

Washington Football Team at Carolina Panthers (-3.5)

Couch: Panthers win 24-17

There’s the potential for Ron Rivera’s squad to be fired up and win this one for him. He also knows Cam Newton better than any other QB. However, there is a talent difference here. The Panthers have a stout defense, and with Cam back the home field advantage should make a difference. Panthers win it.

Mason: Panthers win 33-21 *LOCK*

With Cam Newton back on the team they got the leader figure they truly needed and he is going to be such a great addition to the team. There was a video of him on the sideline in a huddle with what looked like a good amount of the team. He has already won all of them over. I would not put it past him to come back to win the division and get them back to the playoffs. With Washington they just have not been the same team as everyone thought they would be this year and have not lived up to the hype at all. Carolina wins big.

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars (+6.5)

Couch: 49ers win 34-20

San Fran won their biggest game of the week on MNF, and now get to face the Jaguars. While there is some upset potential here, it’s too hard for me to actually pick the Jaguars. Deebo goes off, as well as George Kittle, in a convincing 49ers win.

Mason: 49ers win 25-13 

Just like with Houston. Jacksonville is not very good. With the 49ers coming off of a big win against one of the best teams in the league they are hot. I think the 49ers win with ease this week.

Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders (+1.0)

Couch: Bengals win 42-35

Two AFC teams that are worse than their records indicate face off here. Cincy is off the bye while the Raiders have hit their late season collapse already. I think this game will be the highest scoring of the week, as the Raiders defense is picked apart by Joe Burrow. Cincy wins a wild one

Mason: Bengals win 23-21 

The Raiders looked terrible against the Chiefs. They really looked like they were not a team and did not play well just at all in general. Mahomes lit up their defense and it was a pretty embarrassing game to watch if you are a Raider fan. Then again the Bengals are starting to look more and more overrated each time they play. They had a great start to the season but as of recently they have looked like they lost that chemistry. But this week against a team that just got blown out I think the Bengals bounce back right and get a much needed W.

CeeDee Lamb injury: Cowboys WR questionable to return with arm contusion in  Week 10 - DraftKings Nation

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5)

Couch: Chiefs win 34-31

Kansas City’s offense was dominant last week, dropping 41 on the Raiders. Dallas humiliated the Falcons, taking a 36-3 lead into half time. Undoubtedly the game of the week, I see the Chiefs winning their 3rd straight game. It’ll be a shootout and one I’m looking forward to.

Mason: Cowboys win 36-32 *UPSET*

The Cowboys are healthy now with Michael Gallup back who is a very underrated WR in the league. He has a huge impact on the offense because it gives the opponent more people on the outside they need to worry about while also containing Dak and stopping Zeke. Although Kansas City looked great last week I think they got into this game too confident and end up losing this game. It will be an electric game with lots of scoring but at the end of the day the more complete team usually finishes on top and that’s what I see the Cowboys as. Dallas wins big on the road.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks (+1.5)

Couch: Seahawks win 27-17 *UPSET*

Colt McCoy starts again, meaning this is hardly an upset. Seattle is back at home with hopefully a healthier Russell Wilson in a do or die game. I see Seattle coming out strong and winning this.

Mason: Cardinals win 29-23

The Cardinals took a big L to the Panthers last week but they were also without Kyler and D Hop again. I wouldn’t be very worried because they are such difference makers and some of the best at their respective positions. It was just a fluke game and they were not prepared or healthy. The Seahawks on the other hand got shut out for the first time with Russ at QB since he has been there. They just did not look good last week and I think they will look better this week but still won’t be able to finish on top against a strong Cardinals team. 

Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers (-5.0)

Couch: Chargers win 28-24

LA has fallen off since getting bludgeoned by Baltimore, but I like their chances in this one. Ben is playing, and is better than Mason Rudolph, but he’s not great. T.J. Watt being out hurts the pittsburgh cause significantly, and I think Mr. Herbert shines in his first ever SNF game.

Mason: Chargers win 28-16

The Steelers should forfeit the rest of the season moving forward since they pretty much just lost to the Lions. If you tie the Lions then it should be counted as a loss no doubt. They are not underrated like all Pittsburgh fans claim that they are. They are bad. Chargers win easily over a bad Steelers team. 

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-11.0)

Couch: Buccaneers win 28-20

I see no conceivable way the Bucs lose their 3rd straight, especially on primetime vs Daniel Jones. This will be a bounce back game for Tampa, the Giants are outmatched here.

Mason: Buccaneers win 34-28

The Buccaneers looked bad last week. I believe with the absence of AB not being on the field it has affected them greatly. I saw a stat saying that Buccaneers are 1-3 when AB is not playing. I truly do believe that if he is not on the field then this is a different offense. And AB is set tone out this week again. But they are also playing the Giants. Regardless of it being the Giants though I can genuinely see this game going either way. I think it’ll come down to the wire but Tampa Bay will just squeak it out.


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