Week 8 Predictions & Breakdowns For Every Game

Troy Aikman unsure what A.J. Green was doing on Packers-Cardinals INT


Last week: We went 9-4 last week. Not horrible, not amazing. If I can start picking the right upsets, we’ll be unstoppable.

Locks: 5-0 last week, we are now 26-3 on the year with locks this season. Not too bad.

Upsets: We went 2-2 on upset picks last week, bringing our season record to 13-15. I was a fool to pick a Vic Fangio led team, and the Eagles disappointed. I was proud of how the Titans and Colts played, gotta rep the AFC South going forward.

Season: I am 68-39 on the year, clearing Mason. I hope to go 12-3 this week.


Last week: Last week was a pretty good improvement. I went 9-4. Definitely getting on the better side but still could do better. Keep a streak going this week with another 9+ win week.

Locks: 3-0 on locks. Might as well just choose every game for a lock if I keep this up. My record this year on locks has been pretty decent every week. My overall record for lock is 17-4. Thats what I am talking about. Looking to keep it up going forward.

Upsets: 1-1 for upsets. I know, baby move only picking 2 upsets but the spread doesn’t lie and that’s what we go off. Fortunately it somewhat paid off letting me finish .500. Hopefully we continue this onto the end of the season. Season record moves to

Season: I have now moved to 64-33. Not terrible but we are still a couple games behind Couch and we gotta cut that down soon. My predictions have gotten better in the past 2 weeks so my goal is to continue that and go for another 10+ win week. 

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (-6.5)

Couch: Arizona wins 34-31

This game already happened, so here are my thoughts on what happened. Matt Lafleur has been one of the best regular season coaches since being hired, and this was probably his best game. Shorts week, lots of injuries, against the top team in the league, very impressive win. The Cardinals will be fine, but they need DeAndre Hopkins to be healthy in order to contend.

Mason: Arizona wins 32-26

This hurts. My Packers are plagued with injuries and covid. Davante and the Lizard King are out with covid. Jaire and Z are out with injuries. I just do not see any way that we can win this game especially on the road. The only way we have a chance is if we pound the rock all game long and Aaron Jones can have the best game of his career. Even then I still don’t feel very comfortable relying on Tonyan and Randall Cobb. Sadly bias Packer fan can’t take the Packers this week. Cardinals steal the W this week and remain unbeaten.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-3.0)

Couch: Falcons win 24-20

The Panthers were embarrassingly bad last week, especially Sam Darnold. I would pick Atlanta to win this easily, except it’s the Falcons, so you know it’ll be a game that goes down to the wire. Can the Falcons be playoff contenders if they get off to a 4-3 start? No.

Mason: Falcons win 27-23

With Matty Ice finding his stride I think he will lead this team to be very good and a slept on team in the league now. They have the weapons on offense to win but their defense will need to step it up and start to figure it out. Carolina has looked atrocious for 4 straight weeks and it does not get any better. With CMC not playing this team is very bad. It’s clear that Darnold is back to his old self and a bad football player. Atlanta gets the W.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (-1.0)

Couch: Colts win 30-24

The Colts proved me right last week in their win vs San Fran, while the Titans absolutely dominated the Chiefs. Johnathan Taylor needs the ball in his hands. If the Colts win the TOP battle they should win the game. My gut says Indy wins a close game and shuts down Derrick Henry, making their claim for best team in the AFC South.

Mason: Colts win 28-27

Indianapolis has looked very good since their rough start to the year. I have felt good about them ever since the beginning but their schedule was not in their favor at all. With them starting to figure out that JT is a very good running back this can be a very good team. Wentz has also looked very good and has not had many flaws. He is getting back to his 2017 self and I think Frank Reich should be very happy and excited about that. Although the Titans just beat the Bills and Chiefs in back to back weeks I think they fall off this week and taken a big divisional L to the Colts. 

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-13.5)

Couch: Bills win 45-17 *LOCK*

Miami has the unfortunate task of traveling to Buffalo, as the Bills are coming off a heartbreaking loss followed by a bye. Even in regular circumstances, this wouldn’t be pretty.

Mason: Bills win 34-18 *LOCK*

The Dolphins are getting to that category of not needing to say anything with how terrible and dysfunctional the whole organization has been. I really can trust that they want to win this late into the season. There is so much uncertainty surrounding Tua and if they will trade him or not. Regardless I don’t see this team even coming close to Buffalo. Bills take an easy blowout W.

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets (+10.5)

Couch: Bengals win 31-10 *LOCK*

The Bengals proved they’re not a pushover with last week’s dominant win in Baltimore. The Jets, on the other hand, allowed 54 points to the Patriots and are starting a man named Mike White this week. That doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Mason: Bengals win 31-13 *LOCK*

Wow. The Bengals have looked very good. I don’t think its crazy to call them contenders. The Burrow to Jamarr connection has been on fire and has not disappointed. I am already calling this a top 5 duo. They have just have looked unstoppable. Kind of reminds me of Rodgers to Davante but maybe it is too soon to say that. On the other hand the Jets suck. No competition at all. Cincinnati wins big win on the road. 

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (-3.5)

Couch: Browns win 24-16

The Browns running game will be the difference maker in this one. Having Baker back helps as well, when I picked the browns originally i thought Case Keenum would be starting. Ben Roethlisberger is really bad, and I’m not sure how the Steelers will be able to stop Myles Garrett from dominating in this one.

Mason: Browns win 26-21

With the Browns possibly getting Nick Chubb back I see that as a deal breaker for me and takes the Steelers completely out of the game. The Steelers just have not given me much of a reason to believe in them or choose them. No part of them has really looked good aside from TJ Watt. I can see Pittsburgh keeping themselves in the game but t the end I see the Browns on top.

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions (+3.5)

Couch: Eagles win 25-22

When I picked the Lions in Week 4 vs Chicago, they played terrible, and I vowed not to pick the Lions anymore. i think a lot of people are going with them because of how they played against the Rams, but it took nearly every trick play working for them just to have a shot. The Eagles aren’t good either, but Jalen Hurts should be able to take advantage of this poor Detroit defense.

Mason: Lions win 24-21 *UPSET*

I am still pulling for the Lions. I want them to win and be good so bad. I don’t care that they are in the NFC North as well if they are good it would make me so happy. This whole season they have got screwed and super unlucky. Dan Campbell really is a great coach and I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again. He is bringing in a great culture. Campbell is exactly what Goff needs as a coach. Although their record does not reflect it I think they could be a very good team in the next 2-3 years. Detroit pulls of the huge upset against a questionable Eagles team.

Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans (+14.5)

Couch: Rams win 34-10 *LOCK*

Houston has really had a rough schedule these past few weeks. The Rams will win, and Cooper Kupp will probably drop 30 fantasy points.

Mason: Rams win 35-10 *LOCK*

The Texans have put up a total of 8 points in their last 2 weeks. LOL. Rams should absolutely kill Houston. This will not be a close game.

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears (+3.5)

Couch: 49ers win 28-16

This will be the week the 49ers end their losing streak. Khalil Mack is out for Chicago, and the Bears offense looks absolutely dreadful. Nick Bosa should have a field day going against Jason Peters, someone who should be retired. Matt Nagy is out, so there is the potential for the Bears to play a lot better this week, but I’m going with San Francisco.

Mason: 49ers win 23-17

Both San Fran and Chicago have been very disappointing and straight up not good this season. The 49ers super bowl run 2 years ago has just led me to believe it was a huge fluke. They have not been good since. The Bears could be good eventually but not this season anytime soon. Fields needs to develop and he does not know how to feed the ball to one of the best receivers in the league in Allen Robinson. He has disappeared all season long. Anyway at the end of this game I see 49ers with the win over the Bears.

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers (-6.0)

Couch: Patriots win 30-27 *UPSET*

This should be a great game. Statistically, thee Chargers have the worst run defense in the NFL, and I think the Pats will be able to take advantage. Damien Harris has picked it up as of late, and I think it’s possible the Ravens exposed the blueprint on how you beat the Chargers. New England’s secondary depth is not good, so Mike Williams has the chance of going off tofa. In the end, I think Mac Jones gets the biggest win of his career in a do or die situation vs Los Angeles.

Mason: Chargers win 31-24

The Patriots are coming off huge statement win against the Jets with a score of 54-13. Then again It is the Jets so I would take that into much consideration of a difference maker of this game. The Chargers are just a better team overall in every way. I like them more especially coming off a bye week and letting everyone rest and get healthy. Maybe this could be a close game but the Herbert and the Chargers are just too electric and I don’t think that Mac Jones will be able to keep up. Chargers start the second half of their season on the right foot.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks (-3.0)

Couch: Jaguars win 27-20 *UPSET*

Now that the Jags have finally gotten the monkey off their back that was their 20 game losing streak, I feel like they’ll continue to improve. Geno Smith and Pete Carroll are really bad. Jacksonville comes off the bye and plays well again.

Mason: Seahawks win 23-14 

I think this will be a tough game for Seattle but even with their struggles at QB with Geno Smith I don’t think they will lose in Seattle. The fans will be the MVP of the day making tons of noise and just making Trevor Lawrence uncomfortable. This will probably end up being a closer game than it should be but I don’t necessarily like the Jaguars and I can’t trust them to go out and get the W on the road. I like the Seahawks this week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orlean Saints (+5.5)

Couch: Buccaneers win 28-23

I can definitely see a Saints upset in this one. However, I’m still taking Tampa. No Antonio Brown hurts, and Mike Evans will probably get locked up, but the Saints offense has been lackluster outside of check-downs to Alvin Kamara. This game will be close, but in the end I trust Tom Brady more than Jameis Winston.

Mason: Saints win 31-28 *UPSET*

This may be crazy but just hear me out. After their blowout with against the Bears 38-3 I think they will be on their high horse and think they can just stroll into the week. They have to travel to the SuperDome. It is never an easy game to win there. The Saints always seem to put up a good fight against the Buccaneers. I think the Buccaneers are the better team for sure and should win but that’s not always how the NFL works. There is bound to be a big upset this week and I think it comes from the Jameis led Saints.

Washington Football Team at Denver Broncos (-3.0)

Couch: Washington wins 20-19 *UPSET*

These two teams are going nowhere fast. Denver lost to the Browns practice squad last week, proving they’re frauds. The Washington defense has been disappointing, but this Broncos offense isn’t explosive enough to take advantage of it. It’s gonna be a low scoring affair that you shouldn’t watch, and the Football Team wins in the end.

Mason: Broncos win 23-22

The two most hyped teams coming into the season are both turning out to be major let downs. Both teams were supposed to have elite defenses with a decent offense that could get them through games. I think this is holding some truth but they do not finish and win games they need to win. This will be a game of the overhyped. I see this game going both ways and I was leaning towards the Football team but I am a firmly believer in home field advantage. That is the reason for my choice in the Broncos. Fans and environment are definitely factors for me when it comes to picking games. Anyway I like Broncos to get in the W column. 

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings (+1.5)

Couch: Vikings win 31-27 *UPSET*

Dallas is good, and despite their 3-3 record, so is Minnesota. This should be a really exciting game. Seemingly every Minnesota game comes down to the wire, and I expect this one will too. I’m interested to see whether or not Trevon Diggs shadows Justin Jefferson and how that plays out. I think his INT streak ends tonight, as Captain Kirk plays nearly perfect to get the Vikings a huge win.

Mason: Cowboys win 35-27 

I really could not tell you why the spread is only -1.5 in the Cowboys favor. I think it should be at least -3 or more. That does not matter but just interesting. Dallas is one of the best teams in the league and they have done nothing but prove that with their play. Both teams coming off bye week so both will most likely be at full health and strength. I like the matchup but Dallas is just the better team in almost every category. It could for sure be closer than I expect and I truly expect the Vikings to win now with how highly I talked about the Cowboys but that’s ok. Cowboys finish on top after the bye week. 

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs (-10.0)

Couch: Chiefs win 36-20 *LOCK*

Except for their Week 1 comeback vs Cleveland, the Chiefs have not beaten a good team. It’s concerning. However, the Giants don’t fall into the category of ‘good’. I anticipate a huge bounce back win for Kansas City, as Mahomes tosses 5 TD’s with 0 INTS.

Mason: Chiefs win 26-20

I do not know if it is just me but I don’t think this game can be considered a lock. Kansas City really is not that team anymore. They have officially been figured out and in my opinion are not contenders for any sort of playoff game. They could find them fighting for a playoff spot. It makes me happy because Mahomes and the Chiefs fan boys need to be humbled. Despite all the struggles I still think they can beat the very badly injured Giants. I would not be surprised if the this game is close though. Chiefs still get the W in Kansas City.


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