These are the Top 5 NFL Stat-lines of All Time: Offense Edition

Every week NFL players have great games, but how many of them were mind boggling? These are the best statistical performances in NFL history.

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Image result for randy moss 3 catches 163 yards

#5: Jerry Rice vs Atlanta, 1990

Stats: 13 receptions, 225 yards, 5 touchdowns

Image result for jerry rice 5 touchdown game

In a performance where Jerry Rice tied the NFL record for most touchdown receptions in a game, he had little to say afterwards.

“I don’t want to think about (tying the record)… I played ok.”

Rice torched the Falcons secondary on Monday Night Football. He caught 5 of Montana’s 6 passing touchdowns in a shootout victory.

#4: Willie Anderson vs New Orleans, 1989

Stats: 13 receptions, 336 yards, 1 touchdown

Image result for willie anderson 336 yards

Willie Anderson wasn’t supposed to be the star against the Saints.

The Rams #1 receiver at the time was Henry Ellard. Through the ’89 season, he was averaging 98 yards per game. He missed the contest because of injury, meaning Willie “Flipper” Anderson would be the go to guy. All night he shred the Saints secondary, using his speed to get open on crossing routes for huge gains. Down 7 late in the 4th, quarterback Jim Everett hit Anderson on a 15 yard touchdown to tie the game. The Rams went on to win in overtime. Anderson’s record performance still stands. Calvin Johnson came very close to breaking the record in 2013, when he had a 329 yard effort in a win against the Cowboys.

#3: Norm Van Brocklin vs New York, 1951

Stats: 27/41, 554 yards and 5 touchdowns

Image result for norm van brocklin 554 yards game

On opening day of 1951 vs the New York Yanks, the Rams were missing their starting quarterback, Bob Waterfield, with an injury. This mean Norm Van Brocklin would get to start. Three wide receivers broke the 100 yard mark, and Hall of Famer Elroy Hirsch caught 4 of Brocklin’s 5 touchdowns. Brocklin’s passing record still stands, as in the near 70 years since, no one has thrown for more yards in a game.

#2: Randy Moss vs Dallas, 1998

Stats: 3 catches, 163 yards, 3 touchdowns

Image result for randy moss vs dallas cowboys thanksgiving

I have Moss here at #2 just because of how insane that statline is. While it’s not a 300 yard game, he averaged 54 yards per reception and a touchdown. This was on Thanksgiving in Dallas, so with lots of America watching, he certainly didn’t disappoint. Moss scored on touchdowns of 51, 56, and 56 yards. He also drew a pass interference for another 50 yards.

Randy Moss is one of my favorite players ever and is the second best receiver ever in my opinion. This performance against Dallas was just great.

Gale Sayers vs San Francisco, 1965

Stats: 14 touches, 336 yards, 6 touchdowns

On a very muddy December day in Chicago, Sayer scored a record 6 touchdowns. He scored four on the ground, one through the air, and one on a punt return. One of the most underrated backs of all time, Sayers had a historic six season career. He averaged 24 yards very time he touched the ball this game in a performance that will be very hard to replicate.


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