Carson Wentz: Is He Worth $128M?

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Carson Wentz is now the 4th highest paid QB after his 4 year, $128M contract extension. While Wentz has shown that he has sky high potential, you have to ask: Is he worth that contract yet? This is a debate between two of our writers.

Pro: In just his 2nd season, Wentz was the surefire MVP before tearing his ACL in a week 13 shootout win against the Rams. Under Wentz, Philly was 11-2. Wentz had 33 touchdowns and 3,300 yards to just 7 interceptions. His Eagles were scoring an average of 31 points per game. Wentz’s fantastic season is what set up the Eagles to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. While Nick Foles did finish the job those playoffs, Philly might not have even made the playoffs if it wasn’t for Carson.

Con: Wentz ended both of the last 2 seasons on injured reserve, while then-backup Nick Foles engineered playoff magic and delivered the Eagles’ franchise their first Lombardi with an MVP performance. In the 2018 playoffs, Nick played balls out and delivered a clutch win against what appeared to be a superior team in the Bears. Then against New Orleans, the Eagles were on their way to another NFC title game when Alshon Jeffrey dropped a pass that hit him in the hands, and the Eagles’ comeback fell short.

Nick Foles delivered some of the clutchest performances in Eagles history while Wentz watched from the tub. So it goes to show you that GMs will pay ‘their guys’ even if they can’t complete a season, no matter what the backup guy accomplishes.

The Eagles could have traded Wentz for a star player, or at least a first round pick, and kept their Super Bowl MVP quarterback on their team.

If Wentz goes out early and Foles leads a talented Jags team back to the AFC playoffs, it will be fair to question if they paid the right guy.

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Pro: Taking Nick Foles over Carson Wentz would have been an insanely idiotic decision. Nick Foles had 2 good games during the 2017 playoffs. In 2018, he played great in the week 16 matchup against Houston. In all of the other games, Foles played like a backup quarterback. Wentz did struggle more in 2018, but that’s because he wasn’t fully healthy. Foles is also 4 years older than Wentz. Foles has also never played a complete season. The most he’s played was in 2015, when he started 11 games for the Rams. He went 4-7 that year. In 2013, Foles started 10 games for the Eagles, going 8-2 that year. Since Foles is gone, it doesn’t even matter. Wentz is Philly’s guy. Wentz has gone 17-8 over the past two seasons, and he’s showed that when healthy, he’s a consensus top 10 quarterback. When healthy, Wentz is in the same tier as Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck.

Con: Wentz is a talented player but it’s not clear he can stay healthy through an entire regular season and playoff run, or if he really possesses intangible quarterback leadership qualities. When anonymous teammates run to the media to complain that you are egotistical and selfish, then you don’t have command in the locker room. That’s a problem. Management may feel that giving the guy $100M may make him the unquestioned leader of the team, but if the guy doesn’t put the team first, then there’s no way the team will come together.

The Eagles saw QB leadership first hand, and everything that comes with it, and they let it leave in free agency. Now they have tied their franchises’ fortune to Wentz, for good or ill.

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