Thank you for following the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft on Couch Report!

11:54- The New England Patriots select N’KEAL HARRY, WR, ARIZONA STATE. They need a receiver and they got one. Great pick.

11:48- The New England Patriots are on the clock. Prediction: Someone we’ve never heard of. Please take DK Metcalf or Marquise Brown or N’Keal Harry.

11:46- The Atlanta Falcons select KALEB MCGARY, OT, WASHINGTON. He sounds like a good dude who’s been through a lot.

11:44- TRADE- The Falcons trade up with the Rams for the 30th pick. Prediction: Greedy Williams, CB.

11:43- The New York Giants select DEANDRE BAKER, CB, GEORGIA. It’s great value to move up from the 2nd round to the end of the 1st because you get an extra year on the contracts. Good pick.

11:42- TRADE- The Giants trade up for the 30th pick with the Seahawks. Seahawks get the 37th pick and two 5th rounders. Prediction: Jawaan Taylor, OT.

11:41- The Seattle Seahawks select L.J COLLIER, DE, TCU.

11:27- The Seattle Seahawks have back to back picks at #29 and #30. Prediction: Byron Murphy, CB.

11:26- The Los Angeles Chargers select JERRY TILLERY, DT, NOTRE DAME. He’s smart according to ESPN. Philip Rivers survives.

11:20- The Los Angeles Chargers are on the clock. Prediction: Drew Lock, QB

11:17- The Oakland Raiders select JOHNATHAN ABRAM, S, MISS ST. I didn’t realize how stacked Miss St’s defense was. I had Abram going here in my first mock. I’m done picking Greedy Williams for the night.

11:14- The Oakland Raiders are on the clock. Prediction: Greedy Williams. You never know though, because the Raiders scouts aren’t there.

11:13- The Washington Redskins select MONTEZ SWEAT, DE, MISS ST. I forgot Sweat hadn’t been picked yet. Great pick.

11:06- TRADE- Redskins trade up for the 26th pick with the Colts. Colts get the 46th pick and the Redskins 2nd round pick next year. Prediction: N’Keal Harry, WR

11:04- The Baltimore Ravens select MARQUISE BROWN, WR, OKLAHOMA. It’s Tyreek Hill without the beating.

10:57- The Baltimore Ravens are on the clock. Prediction: AJ Brown, WR

10:56- The Oakland Raiders select JOSH JACOBS, RB, ALABAMA. He should be good, I finally called it.

10:50- The Oakland Raiders are on the clock. Prediction: Josh Jacobs, Alabama.

10:49- The Houston Texans select TYTUS HOWARD, OT, ALABAMA STATE. Ok then. Watson survives.

10:44- The Houston Texans are on the clock. Prediction: Dalton Rinser, OT

10:43- The Philadelphia Eagles select ANDRE DILLARD, OT, WASH ST. Literally every live prediction has been wrong. This draft is crazy.

10:39- TRADE– The Eagles trade the 25th pick to the Ravens for the 22nd pick. Prediction: Josh Jacobs, RB

10:37- Shit the Greedy Willams bet lost. Bruh.

10:37- The Green Bay Packers select DARNELL SAVAGE, S, MARYLAND. What is this pick. Green Bay doesn’t need this guy, they need offense.

10:34- TRADE– The Packers trade the 30th pick, 2020 3rd rounder, 114th and 118th pick to the Seahawks for the 21st pick. Prediction: DK Metcalf.

10:31- The Seattle Seahawks are on the clock. Prediction: DK Metcalf. This has to be right eventually. Nope.

10:28- The Denver Broncos select NOAH FANT, TE, IOWA, This is a great pick, he should be a star.

10:26- The Denver Broncos are on the clock. Prediction: Greedy Williams, CB.

10:21- The Tennessee Titans select JEFFERY SIMMONS, DT, MISS STATE. ESPN is shitting the bed by talking about this assault for 5 minutes when it happened 3 years ago. Way to rain on this guys parade. I hope Simmons does great.

10:17- The Tennessee Titans are on the clock. Prediction: DK Metcalf, WR.

10:15- The Minnesota Vikings select GARRETT BRADBURY, C, NC STATE. Vikings desperately needed OL help.

10:14 – RUMORS: The Dolphins are discussing a Josh Rosen trade.

10:13- The Minnesota Vikings are on the clock. Prediction: Andre Dillard, OT.

10:11 The New York Giants select DEXTER LAWERENCE, DT, CLEMSON. They traded Odell for Dexter Lawerence.

10:04- The New York Giants are on the clock. Prediction: Montez Sweat, DE

10:03- The Carolina Panthers select BRIAN BURNS, OLB, FLORIDA STATE. Rip Cam Newton.

9:59- The Carolina Panthers are on the clock. Prediction: Jawaan Taylor, OT.

9:58- The Washington Redskins select DWAYNE HASKINS, QB, OHIO STATE. The Redskins get a franchise quarterback.

9:52- The Washington Redskins are on the clock. Prediction: Dwayne Haskins, QB.

9:51- The Atlanta Falcons select CHRIS LINDSTROM, G, BOSTON COLLEGE.

9:47- The Atlanta Falcons are on the clock. Prediction: Greedy Williams, CB.

9:45- The Miami Dolphins select CHRISTIAN WILKINS, DT, CLEMSON. The Dolphins always do something weird. I hope Wilkins is a great player. Rip to his grandpa.

9:42- The Miami Dolphins are on the clock. Prediction: Jawaan Taylor, OT

9:39- The Green Bay Packers select RASHAN GARY, DE, MICHIGAN. Good at stopping the run.

9:34- The Green Bay Packers are on the clock. Prediction: DK Metcalf, WR. Please let this happen.

9:32- The Cincinnati Bengals select JONAH WILLIAMS, OT, ALABAMA. The 6 Bengals fans in the crowd weren’t too happy.

9:30 -The Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock. Prediction: Dwayne Haskins, QB

9:30- The Pittsburgh Steelers select DEVIN BUSH, LB, MICHIGAN.

9:29 -TRADE: The STEELERS trade their 3rd round pick, 20th pick, and their 2nd round pick to the BRONCOS. Finally. Prediction: Devin Bush, LB

9:21- The Denver Broncos are on the clock. Prediction: Drew Lock, QB

9:20- Please can we see some trades please.

9:20- The Buffalo Bills select ED OLIVER, DT, HOUSTON. Steal here for the Bills. I called Oliver going #10, just not to the right team.

9:15- The Buffalo Bills are on the clock.

9:13- The Detroit Lions select T.J HOCKENSEN, TE, IOWA. Great pick, Detroit should’ve held on to Ebron.

9:09- The Detroit Lions are on the clock. They might trade down from here.

9:08- The Jacksonville Jaguars select JOSH ALLEN, DE, KENTUCKY. It’s smart to pick the best player on the board, even though the Jags need offense and their defense is stacked with talent.

9:03- The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock.

9:02- The New York Giants select DANIEL JONES, QB, DUKE. I think the Giants made the right move by picking Jones over Haskins.

8:58- The New York Giants are on the clock.

8:55- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DEVIN WHITE, LB, LSU. White is a total beast, and it’s great that they let that kid announce the pick. Prayers to him.

8:51- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock.

8:49- The Oakland Raiders select CLELIN FERRELL, OLB, CLEMSON. What the fuck is Oakland doing? They could’ve picked Ferrell with the 24th pick! This is the biggest reach of all time. They could’ve traded down and picked him anyway! Only Oakland. If Ferrell is a star, nobody will care.

8:41- The Oakland Raiders are on the clock.

8:39- The New York Jets select QUINNEN WILLIAMS, DT, ALABAMA. The Jets get perhaps the best player in the draft.

8:31- The New York Jets are on the clock.

8:30- The San Fransisco 49ers select NICK BOSA, DE, OHIO STATE. The 49ers defensive line is scary good.

8:25- The San Fransisco 49ers are on the clock.

8:24- The Arizona Cardinals select KYLER MURRAY, QB, OKLAHOMA. The next question is what will happen to Josh Rosen.

8:17- Draft Bet: Greedy Willams to be the first DB drafted. Easy money, +220 odds.

8:12- It’s nice that the happy Giants fan won season tickets instead of the guy in the Eagles suit. 100 years of 6-10 football!

8:10- Roger Goodell getting showered with boos is so wonderful.

8.00- #1 The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.

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