The Seahawks won the Frank Clark Trade

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Seahawks GM John Schneider robbed the Chiefs in today’s trade for Frank Clark. The defensive end was developing into a very good player, and it showed last year with his career-high 13.5 sacks. But Frank Clark is not a superstar, and that’s the type of player the Chiefs paid for.

The Seahawks Perspective: Seattle was not going to resign Clark to a long term deal. After the huge deal they just inked Russell Wilson to, they weren’t about to spend $100M on Clark. So Seattle could’ve either kept Clark on the Franchise Tag for this year, making him unhappy, and then lost him for nothing. Instead, they turned a one year rental into five seasons of whoever they draft 29th overall, and four seasons of whoever they draft next year with the Chiefs 2nd rounder. This was a total Bill Belichick move. With the 29th pick, they could draft someone to replace Clark. It could be Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawerence, or Jeffery Simmons. Whoever they draft will be on a rookie contract for half of a decade.

Which one of these doesn’t belong?

Odell to the Browns for a 1st and 3rd rounder.

Khalil Mack to the Bears for two 1st rounders.

Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th rounder.

Dee Ford to the 49ers for a 2nd rounder.

Frank Clark to the Chiefs for a 1st and 2nd rounder.

It’s essentially what the Bears gave up for Khalil Mack. However, Mack is someone you can build a franchise around, someone that can transform your defense from ok to the best in the league.

Seattle essentially had no choice but to trade Clark if they weren’t going to pay him.

The Chiefs Perspective: Kansas City is going all in. If they had Frank Clark instead of Dee Ford last year, maybe they would’ve made the Super Bowl and won it. They gave up Dee Ford in a very, very similar situation to what the Seahawks were just in. They had two 2nd rounders after that trade, so essentially they traded a 1st rounder and Dee Ford for Frank Clark. If Ford hadn’t jumped offsides, I doubt they would do this. Seattle had to trade Clark. They had no leverage. What was the point in giving up so much? KC did get to move up 8 spots in the 3rd round. If the Chiefs win their first ever Super Bowl, and Clark is a star on that team, it’ll be a good move. Otherwise, it could go down as a huge heist for Seattle.


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