Biggest Winners and Losers From Day Two of Free Agency

UPDATE: Odell Beckham has been traded to the BROWNS for the 17th pick, the 95th pick, and safety Jabril Peppers!

Le’veon Bell remains unsigned, but it won’t be long until the biggest domino of free agency falls. Here’s everything else from day two of free agency.

The Patriots have let two of their best players walk in free agency, and their star kicker remains unsigned. However, Bill Belichick isn’t nervous.

Winner: Loyalty to the team that drafted you.

Loser: “Agreeing to a deal”

The Jets were going all in for free agency. They had just signed C.J Mosley and signed Jamison Crowder as their new slot receiver. Anthony Barr had even announced he had agreed to join New York, after being a pro bowler in Minnesota for the last four seasons. This morning, in a Josh McDaniels like move, Barr spurned the Jets and inked a huge deal for the Vikings. This makes the Vikings big winners, but it doesn’t mean the Jets are big losers. They can use their extra money to pursue Le’veon Bell, as it’s been reported that Bell is deciding between Baltimore and New York.

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Winner: Green Bay Packers

Why? They signed Billy Turner, Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith, Adrian Amos

For years, the Packers have stayed complacent and made virtually no upgrades during free agency. That changed today, as under new management the Packers are making big moves to make it back to the playoffs. They signed Billy Turner, an offensive lineman that can move all around the line. Green Bay also brought in two new linebackers; Za’Darious and Preston Smith. The former led the Ravens in sacks and quarterback pressures, with 8.5 and 60. Green Bay also stole away Adrian Amos from the Bears, giving them a much needed starting safety. Today’s moves definitely made Aaron Rodgers happy.

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Loser: Baltimore Ravens

Why? They lost Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, Za’Darious Smith, C.J Mosley, and John Brown

The cavalry is going down quickly for Baltimore, as the only receiver left is Willie Snead and all key contributors for last year’s star defense have left. Even Terrell Suggs, someone who played for the Ravens for 16 years, is done. Eric Weddle was released after three great seasons for Baltimore. C.J Mosley wasn’t given the franchise tag, and now he will star for the Jets. John Brown is the one exciting receiver on Baltimore, and he just walked to play in Buffalo. The Ravens need to do something if they want to make the playoffs next year.

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In memory.

Loser: New England Patriots

Why? They missed out on Odell, Antonio Brown, Adam Humphries, Gronk might retire, and they let Trey Flowers and Trent Brown walk.

The Odell trade just happened, and there will be a separate piece on that. The Steelers refused to trade Brown to New England despite the Patriots offer being significantly better than the Raiders. Nobody know what Gronk will do. Trey Flowers and Trent Brown are very good, but Bill Belichick doesn’t resign expensive players. Tennessee outbid the Pats for Humphries, even though he seems like the most typical Pats player in the book. That being said, the Patriots will still have a bye in the playoffs next year.

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Winner: Cleveland Browns

Why? I had them here before the Odell trade, but now they are the biggest winners of the day. The Browns added Sheldon Richardson, but their win was more about how the entire AFC North was falling apart except for them. The Steelers have lost their two most explosive players in Brown and Bell, the Ravens have lost most of their team, and the Bengals are the Bengals.

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