The Raiders Finally Got Something Right, and the Steelers Got Screwed

Antonio Brown finally got his wish, as early Sunday morning he was traded to Oakland. From a geographical standpoint, he’s about as far away from Pittsburgh as he could be while still playing in the NFL. Brown has honestly been one of the best receivers ever. In the last six seasons, Brown has AVERAGED 1,524 yards and 10 touchdowns every year. That’s absolutely insane. If Brown was not one of the most polarizing divas the league has ever seen, the Steelers definitely would’ve been able to get at least a 1st round pick and more. Brown is the best player to be traded in a long time, and while the trade was something that had to be done, the Steelers got screwed.

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Antonio Brown’s time as a Steeler was easily one of the biggest wastes of talent ever. Since the Steelers drafted Le’veon Bell, they won 3 playoff games, missed the playoffs 3 times, and never made a Super Bowl. In the last couple of months, Brown has made it clear how much he hates everybody associated with Pittsburgh. He relentlessly criticized Big Ben and made it clear how management shouldn’t cater towards one player, no matter what they’ve done. It’s probably best for everyone that Brown is gone. The problem is what they got back (or what they didn’t get back) for him.

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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert

A 3rd and a 5th round pick for someone as good as Brown just sucks. If Antonio Brown didn’t lower his trade value so much and threaten not to play for teams like the Bills, then the Steelers would’ve gotten a better return. It’s not really Pittsburgh’s fault.

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When Jon Gruden traded away the Raiders’ two best players this season, everybody thought he was a total idiot. Now that the Raiders have promise, people are calling him a genius. Oakland will be aggressive in free agency, and I think they will sign Le’veon Bell. They have three first round picks, and they can use those to build up their defense and to draft a receiver on the other side of Brown. Oakland will undoubtedly be fun to watch next season. This is a great trade for the Raiders. They have nothing to lose, except for lots of money. Mr. Big Chest stays undefeated.

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