Pre Free Agency Mock Draft With Trades for Picks 1-10

This is part 1 of a 3 part mock draft. There is a 100% chance that there will be multiple trades in the first round to mess this up. Here is who each team should draft in the top 10.

#1 Arizona Cardinals select QB, Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

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For the 2nd straight year, Oklahoma produced the #1 pick and Heisman Winner at quarterback. Murray is more of a high risk high reward pick than Haskins, but he has the potential to be like Russell Wilson. The Raiders are very high on Murray, but it’s unlikely they trade up to get him. A lot of GM’s say Murray isn’t that good, but Kliff Kingsbury is completely enamored with him. The Cardinals will hope Murray turns out to be an electrifying star, as if he turns out to be a bust while Josh Rosen has a great career, it will be awful for all 20 Cardinals fans.

#2 San Francisco 49ers select DE, Nick Bosa, Ohio State

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The 49ers will get to pick the best defensive player on the board. San Francisco already has a franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo, and they were a pick to make the playoffs last year. Their hopes went up in flames as soon as Jimmy G tore his ACL in week 3. I think the 49ers would also be a team that considers trading down, as they are better than their 4-12 record said. The only concern with Bosa is his health, as he tore his ACL in high school. Other than that, Nick looks to be as dominant as his brother, Joey Bosa, is for the Chargers.

#3 TRADE: Denver Broncos trade up with the Jets, give up the 10th pick, 2020 2nd round pick, 2019 3rd round pick, select QB, Daniel Jones, Duke

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The Jets have said they are completely open to trading down, and they should be. Last year they gave up 3 2nd round picks in a trade with the Colts to move up 3 spots to pick Sam Darnold. So far, that has been a total win-win trade for both teams. The Broncos just traded for Flacco, but that doesn’t matter. Every year, teams trade up for a quarterback. Two years ago, the Chiefs moved up for Patrick Mahomes and that is working out pretty well. It would be a reach here, but it doesn’t really matter. Jones is a tall quarterback, (6’5) just how John Elway likes them. He can scramble and ran a 4.8 40 yard dash. He won the Senior Bowl MVP, and some team will decide to trade up to get him.

#4 Oakland Raiders select OLB, Josh Allen, Kentucky

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The Raiders have 3 picks in the 1st round, and they should use this one to replace Khalil Mack. Allen has drawn comparisons to Mack and Von Miller, the two best pass rushers in the league. His athleticism lets him guard tight ends, and he is 6’5. I think he will be like Chandler Jones. The Raiders have so many wholes on defense, and getting Allen would really help that. There is also a rumor that Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell want to join forces in Oakland. Surely if a team ever had both Brown and Bell they would’ve at least made 1 Super Bowl. Right? That offense would be so good. I don’t see what could go wrong.

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DT, Quinnen Williams, Alabama

Image result for quinnen williams bench press

This pick should be between Williams or Rashan Gary. I think it would be too difficult to pass on a guy like Williams. The Alabama product would be the best player available He really could be like Aaron Donald. He is 300 pounds and runs a 4.83 40 yard dash. He is unblockable and would form one of the best interior defensive lines with Gerald McCoy. When you have several needs, you need to pick the best player available. Williams would be a steal if he falls this far. If the Jets don’t trade down, then they will probably pick him. In that scenario, the Bucs can get Rashan Gary.

#6 New York Giants select QB, Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

Image result for dwayne haskins

The Giants will finally decide it’s time to find Eli Manning’s replacement. Haskins has lots of potential and is viewed by some as the best quarterback in the draft. Unless a team trades in front of the Giants, one of Murray and Haskins should still be available. He is built like a pro and he should have a great career in New York. It sure would suck if the Giants decided to pay Eli Manning $23.5M instead of star safety Landon Collins. That sure would suck, wouldn’t it?

#7 Jacksonville Jaguars select WR, DK Metcalf, Ole Miss

Image result for dk metcalf

The NFL has found it’s Zion Williamson, as Metcalf has been the talk of the league since his combine performance. He ran a 4.33 40 yard dash and is 6’5. The Jaguars are supposed to sign Nick Foles once free agency opens, so their next priority should be getting a guy for him to throw to. Rather than pursue someone like Antonio Brown, the Jaguars can draft an athletic stud and have him on a rookie contract for 4 years. Metcalf is going to be a beast, and he is eerily similar to Julio Jones.

#8 Detroit Lions select DE, Rashan Gary, Michigan

Image result for rashan gary

This would be a huge steal for Detroit, and there is a big possibility it happens and Gary gets to stay in Michigan. Gary is an athletic freak. He ran a 4.58 40 yard dash, and I think he could end up like JJ Watt. It would fill a big hole for Detroit as they seem to be moving on from Ziggy Ansah. It is more than likely that Gary’s career would be wasted in a city that has wasted multiple hall of famers careers. Players like Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders don’t come around often.

#9 Buffalo Bills select OT, Jawaan Taylor, Florida

Image result for jawaan taylor blocking

Metcalf would’ve fit the Bills perfectly, but I don’t think he will fall to them. The Bills need help all over their offense, so getting one of the best tackles in the draft will go a long way towards helping Josh Allen reach his full potential. Taylor is supposed to be a prototypical pass protector, and that’s something every struggling team needs. Taylor will almost certainly be the first offensive lineman off the board.

#10 TRADE New York Jets trade down with the Denver Broncos, select LB, Devin White, LSU

The Jets can address their terrible offensive line in free agency or on day two. I think Devin White is very good, and it would be such a steal for the Packers if he fell to #12. He ran a blazing 4.42 40 yard dash, and that was faster than Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham. White would be able to cover large chunks of the field with how athletic he is. He is a big hitter, and has a nose for the ball. The Jets have lots of holes, and by trading down they would be able to address more of them. Devin White will be one of the best players to come out of this class. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team tried to trade up with Buffalo to steal White. This would be a huge win for the Jets.

Mock Draft for picks 11-21 will release soon.

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