Where Should Josh Rosen go if the Cardinals Draft Kyler Murray?

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It looks like Kyler Murray’s decision to play football will mean he is the 1st overall pick in the draft. Before Kliff Kingsbury was hired as the Cardinals new head coach, he said if he could draft Murray first overall, he would. At the time, Kingsbury worked for Texas Tech, and Murray was dominating College Football for Oklahoma. So, what does this mean for Josh Rosen, the #10 pick in last year’s draft?

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Just about everything went wrong for last year’s Cardinals. Steve Wilkes was fired after one year, Josh Rosen was sacked 45 times, and Arizona won 3 games. Two of their wins were against the 49ers, and the other win was against the mediocre Packers. Previously the league retirement home, Kliff Kingsbury was hired to transform Arizona into a team that is high scoring and fun to watch. It seems like it was just another hire influenced by Sean McVay’s success. Kingsbury is a young coach who is supposed to be a quarterback whisperer, just like McVay. It would make sense if Kingsbury wants to be able to choose his new quarterback.

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Rosen was put in a position to fail in his rookie season. He was given a terrible offensive line, and his only receiver to throw to was a 36-year-old Larry Fitzgerald. However, it looks like Rosen might not get another chance to prove himself as a Cardinal. Murray and Kingsbury went to dinner together at the Combine, and Kingsbury has apparently told people close to him that Murray will be the pick at #1. The writing seems to be on the wall for Rosen, so here are the best fits for Josh Rosen once he is inevitably traded.

#1: Josh Rosen for Antonio Brown

This is my favorite potential trade involving the 2nd year QB. Straight up trades like this rarely happen in the NFL, but this will be an exception. Pittsburgh needs to get rid of Mr. Big Chest, they need a guy that will eventually replace Roethlisberger, and Arizona needs talent on offense and guys for Murray to throw to. The Steelers also want to move Brown to the NFC. Rosen would be able to learn under Big Ben for around two seasons before he takes over.

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#2: Josh Rosen to the Redskins for the 15th pick

The Redskins are in one of the worst quarterback positions in the league, as they are paying an old, injured Alex Smith to game manage. His career is most likely over after his gruesome leg injury, and they have shown a lot of interest for Rosen. Doug Williams has been talking about how the Redskins would pick Murray if he was available at 15. Duh. If the Redskins like Rosen enough, then they should trade their 1st round pick for him. It would essentially be as if Washington had drafted him last year. The Redskins are too far back to draft Dwayne Haskins so this might be their only option. Jay Gruden is not a good coach, but nothing for the Redskins is very good. This would be a perfect trade for a struggling organization and a struggling player.

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I think if the Redskins offer a 1st round pick for Rosen, the Cardinals need to take it. This would be the first step of many towards ending the Cardinals 72-year Championship drought.

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