The Top 10 Players That Could be Available This Offseason

Free Agency is almost here, so today we are ranking the best players set to hit the open market, as well as those that could be traded. The ranking is based off a talent standpoint.

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10. C.J Mosley, MLB, 26

Career Stats: 77 games played, 597 total tackles

This could’ve been Dee Ford if the Chiefs hadn’t just decided to place him under the Franchise Tag. However, Mosley has been very consistent throughout his time in Baltimore, missing just 3 games and starting every game of his career. He was the anchor of the Ravens elite defense this past season, carrying Lamar Jackson to the playoffs. Mosley even got the interception to defeat the Browns and clinch the AFC North in week 17. The Ravens will definitely try to keep him, and will potentially use the Franchise Tag. If he does leave Baltimore, he could try to sign with the Chiefs, as he is the leader they need on defense.

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9. Earl Thomas, FS, 29

Career Stats: 125 games played, 684 tackles, 28 interceptions.

Earl is a future Hall of Famer, as he has played all 8 seasons in Seattle and was a huge part of the Legion of Boom. He is a true all-time great, and he should be recognized as on par with Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. However, his time in the Northwest is coming to an end. Last offseason, he held out as he wanted a new contract, only to come back and fracture his leg. Recently he posted a picture on Instagram of teams that could be potential destinations, including the Cowboys, 49ers, Chargers, and Patriots. Thomas has already enrolled his kids into a school in the Dallas area, and two seasons ago after a loss vs the Cowboys, he told Jason Garrett, “Come get me.” He will almost surely be a Cowboy next season.

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8: Grady Jarrett, DT, 25

Career Stats: 46 games started, 179 tackles, 31 TFL, 40 QB hits, 6 sacks.

Jarrett has consistently improved since entering the league has a 5th round pick in 2015. He is a big-time player for the Falcons’ defensive line, as he recorded three sacks in the Super Bowl loss two years ago. Jarrett could be plugged into many different teams defense’s and make a difference, but Atlanta wants to bring back Jarrett at any cost.

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7: Trey Flowers, DE, 25

Career Stats: 37 games started, 21 sacks, 164 tackles, 25 TFL, 59 QB hits.

Trey Flowers is a total beast, and the stats say it all. Those are just his regular season numbers, as in his nine playoff games, he has another 22 QB hits and 6 sacks. The Pats have also gone 8-1 in the playoffs with Flowers, winning two out of the past three championships. The 4th round pick out of Arkansas is going to get paid, and he should be the Pats 1st priority. However, the Pats tend to move on from players after 4 years of production, looking to avoid a big contract. If he leaves New England, look for him to sign with the Colts. They have the most cap space in the NFL, and stealing away a star from their rival would be a good move for them.

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6: Jadeveon Clowney, OLB, 26

Career Stats: 55 games started, 29 sacks, 205 tackles, 67 QB hits.

Clowney has definitely been worth the 1st overall pick the Texans used to select him in 2014, as he and J.J Watt form one of the best defensive duos in the league. The Texans will not let Clowney hit free agency, as he will most likely be placed under the Franchise Tag and extended in the offseason.

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5: Nick Foles, QB, 30

Eagles Career Stats: 21-11, 8,703 yards, 58 touchdowns, 1 Super Bowl MVP

Nick Foles‘ second stint for Philadelphia has been crazy, but all good things must come to an end. Foles will hit free agency, but most likely be franchise tagged and then traded. Many teams will be looking to get the star, with the Jaguars definitely being the best fit and most logical destination. They need a quarterback to get back to the playoffs, and Foles can be that guy. The tag will pay Foles around $25M for one season. The only concern for whatever team that gets him will be the fit, as Foles played significantly better for the Eagles than he did for the then St. Louis Rams.

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4: Le’veon Bell, RB, 26

Career Stats: 5,336 rushing yards, 35 touchdowns, 312 receptions, 2,660 yards, 7 touchdowns.

There is no doubt that since entering the league, Bell has been a top-10 back production-wise. However, sitting out all of 2018 looks to be costly for the star, as Steelers backup James Conner stepped in and proved that Bell wasn’t $15M better than him. The problem with Bell demanding so much money is that championship caliber teams don’t need an expensive back, no matter how good they are. Here are the starting backs for the last 4 Super Bowl winners, and how much the running back was being paid.

Sony Michel (Patriots) 4 years, $9.26M

Jay Ajayi (Eagles) 4 years, $3.65M

James White (Patriots) 4 years, $2.6M

C.J Anderson (Broncos) 3 years, $1.5M

This just proves that it isn’t smart to spend your money on big-name running backs when you could just draft a gem like James White. Bell will still be highly coveted. I think the best fit would be the Ravens. Read this to know why.

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3: Demarcus Lawerence, DE, 26

Career Stats: 47 games started, 200 tackles, 67 QB hits, 34 sacks.

Lawerence is going to get paid, and Jerry Jones says he will be the guy to do it. Jones said he and Lawerence have one of the best player-owner relationships ever, and Lawerence tweeted a couple hours later “#theylying”. Lawerence is an absolute superstar, and if Jerry Jones doesn’t pay him, someone will. The Colts and Jets are two teams with lots of cap space that could throw money his way.

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2: Antonio Brown, WR, 30

Career Stats: 103 games started, 11,207 yards, 837 catches, 74 touchdowns

AB has made it clear that he wants out of Pittsburgh, as he has heavily criticized the team and Ben Roethlisberger on social media. GM Kevin Colbert said they would look to trade the star. The Steelers don’t want to trade Brown to an AFC North team or the Patriots, but many teams will still go for him. Pittsburgh will probably get a 2nd round pick back for him, and I think the best landing sports would be the Colts, 49ers, or the Packers. If Green Bay wants to maximize Aaron Rodger’s career, they need to get the star to pair with Davante Adams.

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Odell Beckham, WR, 26

Career Stats: 56 games started, 5,476 yards, 390 catches, 44 touchdowns

Odell seems to be perfectly happy in New York, but there were reports that the Giants were so close to trading Odell to New England at the trade deadline. It is unclear if the Giants still want to move Beckham, but if they do, they will have lots of teams calling. He is 4 years younger than Brown and he does not come with the locker room problems that Brown does. The Giants should hold on to Odell unless they get a huge offer. Remember, the Cowboys had to give up a 1st round pick for Amari Cooper, and Odell is much better. If he leaves New York, I think the best fits would be either the Browns or the Patriots.

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