Recap of all the Super Bowl betting

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The Super Bowl was much uglier than any fan could’ve anticipated or hoped for. That being said, my betting guide did pretty well, as most of my picks hit. Here are all of my bets I got right and what I got wrong. Don’t worry NFL fans, we are only 212 days away from next season’s opening kickoff!

Julian Edelman to win MVP: +4500

In my guide, I said Gronk could win MVP. He played well but was lost in Edelman’s shadow after the wide receiver had 10 catches for 141 yards. I put a couple of dollars on Gronk and a couple of dollars on Edelman, resulting in a no risk, high reward bet. Edelman could not be stopped, and he is the reason the Pats kept their drives alive all playoffs long.

Pats to win Super Bowl: +650

The reason this paid so well was that I placed the bet in November after New England was rocked by the Titans 34-10. I risked a couple of dollars, and when the confetti fell last night, I made a profit.

Pats -1.5: -110

I just thought Bill Belichick would have a plan to stop the offensive mind Sean McVay. I couldn’t see New England coming up short again, especially considering the Rams didn’t exactly deserve to be there. It was another benefit to making my picks before potential line movement.

Parlay: Pats -2.5 + Under 58: +300

When I said the under would hit, I didn’t think it would hit by 6 touchdowns. These 2 teams had very good defensive coordinators and very good defensive players, and I thought it would be more of a 23-20 game than a 45-38 one.

Gurley under 86 rushing yards: -105

The Rams would’ve had a much better chance to win if they put the ball in their best players hands, but oh well. The Pats said they would put the game in Goff’s hands, and one defensive player for New England said: “Goff was going to Shit his pants.” Putting the Super Bowl in a 23-year-old player’s hands doesn’t always work out.

Opening kickoff will not be a touchback: +160

Cordarrelle Patterson returned the opening kickoff all the way to the 40, and it could’ve been the first Super Bowl opening kickoff return touchdown since Devin Hester in 2007 had he got past that last guy. Patterson is one of the best returners of all time, so it made sense that he would want a chance with the ball.

Here are the prop bets that I missed.

The coin toss landing heads: -100

I guess Matthew Slater can only control playoff overtime coin tosses. Don’t bet coin tosses.

Brady’s first completion under 9.5 yards. -105

Brady’s first pass was a bad throw off the hands of Chris Hogan into the hands of Rams linebacker Cory Littleton. On their next drive, Brady got his first completion of a 3rd & 10 to who else but Julian Edelman.

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