Betting Guide to the Super Bowl

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By Sunday, there will have been roughly $6 Billion wagered on the Super Bowl. Most of it comes from prop pets, such as how long the National Anthem will be and what color tie Tony Romo will wear. Here are the easiest ways to make money betting on the Super Bowl.

First, a recap from last weeks picks.

Saints -2.5 vs Rams

This was pretty disappointing because if the pass interference had been called, I would’ve been right on both games. Also, my advice to buy that half a point would’ve worked, as the Saints most likely would have won that game by 3 points. Also, the over didn’t hit as the offensive explosion never came.

Patriots +3.5

Last week I said that the Patriots would likely win the game as underdogs, and they did. The 3.5 points were nice to have for security, but the Patriots didn’t need them. The over (57) Looked impossible until a 31 point 4th quarter and overtime happened.

Last week’s record: 2-2

All odds are from

Patriots -2.5  (-120)

When the lines first came out, I got New England at -1.5. It has stayed at -2.5 throughout the week, and most money is being put on the Patriots. If New England wins they will most likely cover such a small spread.

Patriots ML (-150)

It is very hard to picture the Patriots not winning this game. For more money, bet the spread, but if you don’t want to risk it take the ML. I would take the spread.

Under 58.5

Both teams have underrated defenses, and 58 is very high. The total could hit exactly 58 (31-27), so buy half a point. It could be very high scoring like the last 2 Super Bowls, but I think the under wil hit.

MVP: Rob Gronkowski

If the Patriots win, the MVP will likely go to Tom Brady. He’s won every Super Bowl MVP when they win except for 2005, when wide receiver Deion Branch won. If you’re trying to make the most money, hope the offense feeds Gronk in quite possibly his last NFL game.

The Opening Kickoff will not be a touchback (+160)

If the Rams kick it to Cordarelle Patterson, he will definitely try to bring it back. For the other side, Stephen Gostkowski kicks it to about the 1-yard line most of the time, encouraging a return by LA.

Tom Brady’s first completion UNDER 9.5 yards.

Look for Josh McDaniels to draw up a quick screenplay on the first play to get Brady and the Receivers loose.

(Bonus) The Coin Toss will be Heads

Matthew Slater nails overtime coin tosses, so he’ll nail this one.

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