Betting Odds for all 32 Teams for the 2020 Super Bowl

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For the fans of the 30 teams that aren’t playing in the Super Bowl, it’s time to look forward to next season.

The odds for each team to win next seasons Super Bowl were just released, and today I’m going through every team to see if it’s smart to bet on them to hoist the Lombardi after Super Bowl LIV.

All odds are according to Bovada.

NFC North:

Lions 100-1

There are lots of teams you could bet your money on to win a championship. The Lions aren’t one of them.

Verdict: Stay away

Vikings 18-1

The Vikings are a good well-rounded team. However, the most important position is the quarterback, and you need someone who is clutch and can win big games. Kirk Cousins is not that guy. If he transforms himself this offseason, the Vikings could be a good bet.

Verdict: Stay away

Packers 18-1

The Packers are coming off a poor season, but Mike McCarthy was fired, so things will finally change. With a strong offseason and Aaron Rodgers, this team could break out under new coach Matt Lafleur, similar to how the Bears and the Colts broke out under new coaches this season.

Verdict: Contender

Bears 14-1

The Bears are coming off a great season cut short by a double doink. They are very young and will only improve from here. Mitch Trubisky looks to continue progressing, and Khalil Mack will lead another strong defense. Any team with a top 10 coach could make the leap from a 1st round exit to Super Bowl contender.

Verdict: Strong Contender

AFC North

Bengals 100-1

Same story as Detroit. The team is a dumpster fire until proven otherwise.

Verdict: Stay away

Browns 30-1

These aren’t the same Cleveland Browns, and after winning 7 games in 2018, look for them to make the leap to a playoff team. They were playing like one as soon as Hue Jackson was told to get out. With Baker Mayfield and the passion this team plays with, they probably won’t win, but rooting for them is fun.

Verdict: Contender:

Ravens 30-1

I feel like Baltimore’s odds should be better than this, as they have the foundation to win a Super Bowl. If Lamar Jackson improves, and they sign a player like Le’veon Bell, the Ravens will be very very dangerous behind a top 3 defense in the NFL.

Verdict: Strong Contender.

Steelers 15-1

The Steelers championship window has been slam shut by constant drama and top players leaving. If the Steelers were going to win another Super Bowl it would’ve happened 3 years ago.

Verdict: Stay away

NFC South

Bucs 65-1

The Bucs look like they will be an average team in 2019. Not terrible, but most likely no playoff appearance.

Verdict: Stay away

Panthers 50-1

The Panthers were looking like a lock for the 5th seed last season before they were blown out by 31 in Pittsburgh. They went from 6-2 to 6-9, a 7 game losing skid before winning a week 17 game against the Saints backups. The Panthers could be a good team next season, but Cam Newton just underwent shoulder surgery and without him, the Panthers will not make the playoffs. (Unless they get Nick Foles)

Verdict: Stay away

Falcons 30-1

The Falcons are coming off a season filled with injuries to almost every player on defense, leading them to limp to a 7-9 record. However, the Falcons are not a bad football team going into the 2019 season. Matt Ryan was an MVP just 3 seasons ago, and if the Falcons avoid losing so many close games like they did this year, they could be a good value bet.

Verdict: Contender

Saints 10-1

New Orleans was so close to getting to the Super Bowl this season. They lit up the NFL going 13-3. Going into next season, they have the 5th best odds to win it all. Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Drew Brees will be back next season, meaning the Saints will probably be a playoff team. If they get home field again, look out.

Verdict: Strong Contender

AFC South

Titans 60-1

Tennessee is a good team, but they just aren’t built like the other contenders. A really good offseason could change that, but right now the Titans are more of a 9-7 or 8-8 team.

Verdict: Stay away

Jaguars 50-1

Jacksonville could be a smart bet here. The front office seems like they’ve had enough of Blake Bortles. They have little cap space, but they could try to swing a trade for Nick Foles from Philly. Just last season the Jaguars were a couple of plays away from going to the Super Bowl, and they still have all of that same talent.

Verdict: Contender

Texans 40-1

Houston was dominated from start to finish in their wildcard loss to the division rival Colts. They have a lot of talent, but I believe the problem is Bill O’Brien. He is just not a very innovative coach, and if Deshaun Watson had a better coach around him, he could realize his full potential.

Verdict: Stay away

NFC East

Redskins 150-1

The only team with worst odds than the Redskins are the Dolphins at + 300. Washington was off to a 6-3 start last season before Alex Smith went down with a broken leg. His career is in jeopardy. Even if he comes back strong, Washington won’t win the Super Bowl

Verdict: Stay away

Giants 50-1

Almost every season the NFC East is the most competitive division in football. The Giants have lots of talent across the team, with Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley leading the offense. New York has the 7th pick in the draft, and if they bring in Kyler Murray, they could make the playoffs.

Verdict: Contender

Eagles 20-1

This offseason, Philadelphia will get rid of the GOAT Nick Foles. After the playoff run Foles just lead them on, they will definitely be able to get a first round pick back for him. I think this past season was just a Super Bowl hangover, and once Wentz is fully healthy the Eagles will be a dangerous team again.

Verdict:  Strong Contender

Cowboys 20-1

Dallas has so much talent, but they need a better coach than Jason Garrett. Dak Prescott is very underrated and the defense is very good with linebackers Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith. I expect the NFC East to be a 3 team race between New York, Philly, and Dallas.

Verdict: Contender

AFC East

Dolphins 300-1

Oddsmakers give the Dolphins the lowest chance of winning next year’s Super Bowl. There’s a reason. Miami is almost a lock at a top 5 draft pick next year.

Verdict: Stay Away.

Bills 100-1, Jets 100-1

Both teams have young talent, but neither will make the playoffs.

Verdict: Stay Away.

Patriots 10-1

Until someone in the AFC beats New England, they’re the best team. Next year the Pats will be going for their 4th straight Super Bowl appearance. Brady and Belichick make this team so hard to stop. Playing in this cakewalk of a division doesn’t hurt though.

Verdict: Strong Contender

NFC West

Cardinals 100-1

The Cardinals will not win the Super Bowl.

Verdict: Stay away

49ers 45-1

The 49ers were a sleeper pick to make the playoffs last year after the trade for QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Once he went down with a torn ACL in week 3, the 49ers had essentially been eliminated. I think that next season they can contend for the playoffs, but this year will be around 6-10.

Verdict: Stay away

Seahawks 40-1

Seattle shocked the NFL last season, going 10-6 in a year many thought would be a rebuilding year. Russell Wilson is a top 5 QB and Pete Carroll is a top 5 coach. Any team with that can contend for a ring.

Verdict: Contender

Rams 7-1

The Rams are the early favorites next season for many reasons. They just made the Super Bowl, they are very young, and they have lots of talent. Jared Goff will continue to get better, and Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the league.

Verdict: Strong Contender

AFC West

Raiders 100-1

This team is trading all of their best players and hoping the draft picks they get back turn into superstars. It’s the Philadelphia 76ers all over again.

Verdict: Stay away

Broncos 100-1

Denver was playing good football from weeks 11-13 last year, beating the Chargers and the Steelers. At 6-6, they were in the hunt for a wildcard spot in the AFC. However, the wheels fell off in an embarrassing loss at San Francisco. They didn’t win again after that, going 0-3 the rest of the way.

Verdict: Stay away

Chargers 7.5-1

Analysts doubted the Chargers the whole season until they were at New England in the playoffs. Once everyone expected them to win, they were slaughtered. LA is definitely in win-now mode with Philip Rivers entering the end of his career. They will probably be around 11-5 next year, but getting a bye would be great for this team.

Verdict: Contenders

Chiefs 8-1

It’s surprising the Chargers have been given better odds than this team, especially with how close Kansas City was to making the Super Bowl. Right now, I think the Chiefs should be the favorite to win it all. Patrick Mahomes had one of the best seasons of all time in his first year starting, and Tyreek Hill is a matchup nightmare for every defense. The Chiefs are next up in the AFC.

Verdict: Strong Contender.

Recap of your best bets

Teams you shouldn’t bet on:

















Possible Contenders











The Strongest Contenders







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