Tom Brady is the GOAT, and everything else from the AFC Championship Game

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What we just saw is one of the greatest NFL games of all time. It was just as good as Rams vs. Chiefs this season. It was just as good as the 28-3 game. It was a game that people will look back at forever as an all-time classic. This game had absolutely everything a football fan could ask for. It was a low scoring grudge match until the 4th quarter when the two of the best offenses scored a combined 38 points in the last 7:30 minutes plus overtime. We saw 4 clutch drives in the last 3 minutes. Oh My God. We even had the best commentating of all time in Tony Romo. Let’s breakdown the 31 points scored from the fourth quarter.

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Pats Ball, 4th & Goal, 11-yard line, 3:32 left to go.

Down 17-21 with 3 minutes left, New England needed half an inch to keep the drive alive. Sony Michel bursted through the line of scrimmage untouched on his way to his 2nd touchdown of the game, his 5th this postseason.

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Chiefs Ball, 2nd & 10, 40-yard line, 2:54 left to go.

Patrick Mahomes played lights out in the second half, where they scored all 31 of their points. On 2nd down, the Chiefs ran a perfect pick route to get Sammy Watkins the ball in open field. It was a gain of 38, setting up Damien Williams 3rd touchdown of the game on the very next play. This game was a tale of 2 halves.

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Pats Ball, 3rd & 5, 29 yard line, 0:54 left to go.

It looked like the Patriots season had come to an end on the previous play after a Brady pass bounced off Gronkowski’s hands, right into the hands of cornerback Charvarius Ward. However, Dee Ford was lined up in the neutral zone, negating the biggest play in Chiefs history. The Pats responded with a beautiful deep pass to Gronk, who saved his best game for the biggest moment on Sunday with 6 catches for 79 yards on Eric Berry. With 39 seconds to play, Rex Burkhead scored a 4-yard touchdown to give the Pats the lead.

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Chiefs Ball, 2nd & 10, 21-yard line, 0:08 seconds to go.

Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs 48 yards in 2 plays, with a 21 yard gain on a wheel route to Spencer Ware as well as a 27-yard strike to Demarcus Robinson. After a deep shot to the end zone was incomplete, Harrison Butker nailed the kick right down the middle to send the game to overtime tied 31- 31.

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The Coin Toss.

When Matthew Slater called heads on the coin toss, and Clete Blakeman tossed that coin up, time seemed to stop, as most people realized if that coin landed of heads, Tom Brady would be going to his 9th Super Bowl. It was heads. People can’t be complaining about the overtime rule. Just earlier in the day, the Rams lost the toss but won the game. 33% of the game is your defense. I think if the Chiefs let up 13 3rd down conversions, and 3 3rd and 10s in overtime, then they don’t deserve to win. The Chiefs needed to get a stop, but they didn’t and the drive seemed like a complete replay of the Patriots overtime drive against the Falcons in the Super Bowl 2 years ago.

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The Overtime Drive.

This drive was a masterful summary of Tom Brady’s career. Every season it seems he gets better in the playoffs, and every season it seems New England comes through when it matters most. It’s incredible that in a sport so violent and grueling on the body, that someone that’s 41 years old is still at the top of the league.

On 3rd & 10, Brady drops back and throws a 20-yard strike to Julian Edelman. They don’t move the ball until the next 3rd & 10 when Brady connected with Edelman again on a dart over the middle for 15 yards. They didn’t move the ball again until another 3rd and 10 when he hit Gronk on a slant for a first down to set them up at the 15-yard line. From there it seemed obvious what would happen next, as Rex Burkhead finished off the drive with a 2-yard touchdown to send the Patriots to their 3rd straight Super Bowl.

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