Initial Reaction From Rams Comeback win in the NFC Championship Game

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To start, congratulations to the Rams for coming back down 13-0. As the game started, I felt pretty confident about my Saints prediction. As the game went into overtime, I felt the same way. The game ended five minutes ago, so this is my initial reaction to what just happened. Let’s breakdown what just happened and why the Rams are going to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2001. You gotta feel bad for Drew Brees. He had one of his best seasons, just for the offense to sputter in the playoffs and miss out on another potential Super Bowl

The Fake Punt: Johnny Hecker has gotta be the MVP – the Most Versatile Punter, in the NFL. The Saints were up 13-0 when the Rams lined up tp kick from their own 30. It was looking like a potential blowout until Hecker delivered a perfect pass to Sam Shields for the first down. The Rams scored a field goal to cut the lead to 13-3

Honestly this game was very ugly. The Refs were atrocious. It was hard to watch in my opinion. It was a very close game though, but It’s sad when a team has a great season just to lose like that, with a bad call being the main factor.

The No Call: After the huge Ted Ginn catch, the Saints just needed to milk the clock, kick the field goal, and give the Rams the ball back with about one minute left. Instead Drew Brees through a bad pass on first down. I don’t understand the thinking, because Michael Thomas wouldn’t have gotten a first down. Just run the damn ball with the best running back in Alvin Kamara. However, on 3rd down the Saints throw again, it’s incomplete because of one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. The ref was standing right in front of Tommy Lee Lewis, and he somehow thought there was no helmet to helmet action right there? Idiot. It’s inexcusable that the ref misses that call. It’s his job. Make DPI calls reviewable.

Greg Zuerline is the best and most clutch kicker since Adam Vinatieri in his Patriot days. Cody Parkey wishes he could make a clutch kick, let alone two, one to go to overtime and the other a 57-yard boot. Rams fans should be grateful for this star.

Brandin Cooks played very well with 7 catches for 107 yards.

It’s been a great two seasons for the Rams and Sean Mcvay, as they are in the Super Bowl just 3 years removed from moving from St Louis. The Super Bowl will be fun.

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