The Teams That Should and Should Not Trade For Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown is becoming one of the most controversial NFL players. With the Steelers owner Art Rooney announcing the two parties were looking to part ways following a season filled with drama, it confirmed the worst fears for many Pittsburgh fans. It will be a big loss for the Steelers as their potential championship window is shrinking by the day, with them losing their best wide receiver and best running back in the same season. Now let’s take a look at the teams that should and should not trade for him.

It is reported that the Steelers would look for at least a 2nd round pick in a trade.

Should Not:

The Seahawks: The Seahawks are coming off a very good season that came to a disappointing end, with one of the main reasons they lost to Dallas being they didn’t throw the ball enough. This was not because of a lack of talent at wide receiver, but instead because Brian Schottenheimer is not a good offensive coordinator. The Seahawks have a top 10 QB, and two very good receivers in Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. They also have a very good Coach and GM. With better play calling vs Dallas, the Seahawks move on. In 2019, they should improve in the draft and stay away from Brown and everything that comes with him.


The 49ers:  San Francisco is coming off a bad year, but this was mainly due to Jimmy Garoppolo tearing his ACL in week 3; They will have a top 3 draft pick this season that they could trade to get more assets. Antonio Brown and legend Jerry Rice have been talking about the potential move a lot, and I think this is one of the best fits for him. One of the biggest problems for Pittsburgh is coaching, and in San Fran, there is offensive mastermind Kyle Shanahan. Brown would not have to worry about JuJu Smith getting the ball too much, as the whole offense could revolve around him and breakout TE George Kittle. The 49ers should give up their 2nd round pick this season and a 5th round pick next year in order to acquire a star talent.


The Indianapolis Colts: Indy finished the season a blazing hot 10-2 run and look to win the AFC South over Houston next season. With Leveon Bell looking to sign with the Colts, an Offensive with him, Andrew Luck, TY Hilton , and Brown would be the best unit on paper in the NFL. However, Hilton already has a 15 million dollar cap hit for this upcoming season. Adding Brown to that would leave the Colts little room to improve elsewhere. Signing Leveon Bell would make more sense, but if the Colts want to have an insane offensive attack, they could pull the trigger.

Should Not:

The no stadium Raiders

The Raiders had a disgusting season just months removed after giving Jon Gruden the keys to their franchise for 10 years and 100 million dollars. Gruden came in and set the team on fire. He traded away their 2 best players in Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper for 2 late first round picks. He got a good GM in Reggie McKenzie fired. The Raiders don’t even have a place to play next season, and after tanking the whole season (Except the Steelers game) the Raiders are in full rebuilding mode.


The Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been a very overrated team since their Super Bowl win in 2010. This season they were mediocre again but they finally fired Mike McCarthy. They truly have wasted most of Aaron Rodgers’ career, by being lazy to upgrade the roster around him. The Packers have a lot of problems, but if they got Antonio Brown they would be borderline unstoppable with a top 3 quarterback and Davante Adams as well. The Packers have never been the team to spend big of free agents, but this is a way they could majorly improve their team if they’re committed to winning under new coach Matt Lafleur, formerly the OC for a mediocre Titans Offense.

Honorable Mention:

The New York Giants

If the Giants draft Kyler Murray, they need to trade for Brown. They already have one diva wideout in Odell, what’s one more? Also how would teams stop an offense with Murray, Barkley, Odell, and Brown? The Giants would win the Super Bowl on the spot.

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