Meet Kyler Murray: The Next Star NFL Quarterback

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picture by Jason Winlove

On Monday afternoon, Kyler Murray announced he would enter the NFL Draft rather than playing baseball for the Oakland A’s. To get a better understanding of how athletic this guy is, Oakland drafted him 9th overall a year ago and were willing to match his NFL contract in terms of salary.  If the right team gets him, the star quarterback from Oklahoma will lead whatever team that drafts him to the playoffs next season. The New York Giants have shown that with Eli Manning under center, they will not be a playoff team again. Kyler Murray could be that guy that changes that. The Giants have the 6th pick in the draft and Murray is the exact player they need.

In today’s NFL offense wins. The final four teams still alive, the Chiefs, Saints, Rams, and Patriots, rank 1-4 for most points per game.

The Giants already have a top tier running back and wide receiver in Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham. By picking Murray, the Giants would set themselves up to be a top 10 offense next year with a chance to make a run at the wide-open NFC East. Saquon Barkley was able to have a 2,000 yard from scrimmage season behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

Their opponent also knew he would get the ball almost every play. Just imagine what the Giants would be able to do offensively if they commit to making an O-Line as dominant as the LA Rams.   The Jacksonville Jaguars are another team that comes to mind. Just one year removed from nearly going to the Super Bowl, the Jaguars hold the 7th pick in this draft and desperately need a quarterback. They could look to trade up to the 5th pick with Tampa Bay after they said Jameis Winston is their quarterback moving forward.  The Jaguars have as much talent on the defensive side as Chicago this past season, and with Murray playing QB, they could be contenders again.

I strongly believe that in 2 years from now, the team that ended up with Murray will look back on this draft and be much better than the team that selects Ohio State Qb, Dwayne Haskins. All good teams start with a good quarterback. Look at the Cleveland Browns, for example, After going a pitiful 1-31 in two seasons, they went 7-8-1 under Baker Mayfield, and they would’ve been a playoff team had they (A, fired Hue Jackson a year ago, and B, not lost 4 close games due to terrible kicking and officiating.) The Giants have been immensely disappointing over the past two seasons limping to a combined 8-24 overall record. However, in a league with so much parity, a couple of roster moves could send them from worst to first in the NFC East.

After transferring from Texas A&M, this season under HC Lincoln Riley Murray put together a Heisman winning season and led Oklahoma to the College Football playoff, almost completing a 28 point comeback against #1 ranked Alabama. He had over 4,000 yards, 42 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions in 14 games played. Murray is the type of player that could completely turn an NFL franchise around.


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